Anthropology-Based Computing: Putting the Human in Human-Computer Interaction


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We have always made tools to improve our productivity and help us lead better lives; though we find ourselves continuously battling against our new computerized tools; making us less productive and risking our health and our lives. Anthropology-Based Computing: Putting the Human in Human-Computer Interaction; (PDF) looks at Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from a truly human-centered perspective; emphasizing on human physiology and psychology instead of the motley series of brilliant innovations; celebrated mistakes; and cross-generational habits that include the computer-centered HCI that we practice today.

This three-part guide claims that human interest and calm technology need to be at the heart of HCI. It starts by exposing the inherent dangers in past and present HCI. Employing his past experiences within Anthropology; Linguistics; Education; Human Factors; Ergonomics and Computer Science the author introduces and examines the theory of ‘Anthropology-Based Computing’ (ABC) along with new ideas like Dynamic Environmental Focus (DEF); a new model of General Human Interaction (GHI); and a new triune model of the brain: Brown’s Representation of Anthropogenic Interaction in Natural Settings (BRAINS). Elaborated illustrations show how HCI can be improved by considering how human brains and bodies actually work. The final part is a series of simple illustrated experiments; each employing an aspect of ABC to enhance the way our computers and computerized devices treat us.

Anthropology-Based Computing is written for those who work with computers; not only for those who work on them. Researchers and students in Design and Psychology; and Computer Scientists as well; will take advantage from seeing what is missing from the devices that are already in place; why that is; and how to make the practical changes that will instantly improve the physiological and psychological experience of using phones; on-board navigation systems; and the innumerable other computers we use at work and at home today and will continue to use in the upcoming days.


The ebook is a great resource to not only introduce the subject from a historical viewpoint but also to reveal readers to the subject supported by experience-based examples analogous to the HCI environment. … The summary and abstract in every chapter provide the desired emphasis and help the reader glean the most important information. … the ebook will build interest from researchers pursuing HCI who are involved in experimentation.” — Harekrishna Misra; Computing Reviews; April 2017

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xxvii
Front Matter….Pages 1-3
Everything Is Awesome!….Pages 5-12
How Computing Became “Ubiquitous” and What That Means….Pages 13-22
Getting Excited About “Calm Technology”….Pages 23-34
The Evolution of Humans and Technology Part 1: Humans….Pages 35-48
The Evolution of Humans and Technology Part 2: Technology….Pages 49-60
The Evolution of Humans and Technology Part 3: Computers….Pages 61-73
Computer-Centered Computing: What Are “Human Factors” and Why Should We Care?….Pages 75-88
Ergonomics and Biomechanics: The Surprisingly Simple Science of Using Your Body….Pages 89-101
Psychology and Neurology: The Surprisingly Simple Science of Using Your Brain….Pages 103-118
Front Matter….Pages 119-121
It’s as Easy as ABC….Pages 123-135
Applying Anthropology-Based Computing….Pages 137-149
Future Work in ABC….Pages 151-162
Front Matter….Pages 163-166
Simple Experimental Design….Pages 167-174
Stop Your Mouse from Twisting Your Arm….Pages 175-188
Stop Your Keyboard from Taking Your Hands….Pages 189-197
Stop Your Tech from Wringing Your Neck, Breaking Your Back, and Being an All-Around Pain in the … Life….Pages 199-207
Stop Your Phone from Screaming at You (and Everyone Else!)….Pages 209-215
Stop Your Text Messages from Killing You (or Your Friends, or Total Strangers)….Pages 217-222
Stop Your Dashboard Navigator from Driving You to Distraction….Pages 223-231
Stop Your Noise-Blocking, High-Volume Headphones from Stopping Your Ears….Pages 233-236
Front Matter….Pages 163-166
Your Chapter….Pages 237-240
Back Matter….Pages 241-243

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