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The previous 3 editions of BIOLOGY written by Dr. Rob Brooker; Eric Widmaier; Linda Graham and Peter Stiling have reached hundreds and thousands of college and university students and provided them with an outstanding view of the biological world. Now Biology 4th edition (PDF) has gotten even better! The author team is dedicated to producing the most engaging and current textbook that is available for undergraduate or even graduate students who are majoring in biology. The authors want college students to be inspired by the dynamic field of biology and become critical thinkers. They understand the goal of a professor is to prepare their students for future course work; lab experiences and careers in the sciences. Building on the successes of the previous 3 editions; the latest 4th edition reflects a focus on core competencies and provides a more learner-centered approach. The strength of an engaging and current textbook is improved with the addition of new pedagogical features that help strengthen and develop critical thinking skills.

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Robert Brooker, Peter Stiling, Eric P. Widmaier, Linda Graham


McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 4th edition




1440 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
An introduction to biology —
The chemical basis of life I : atoms, molecules, and water —
The chemical basis of life II : organic molecules —
General features of cells —
Membrane structure, synthesis, and transport —
An introduction to energy, enzymes, and metabolism —
Cellular respiration and fermentation —
Photosynthesis —
Cell communication —
Multicellularity —
Nucleic acid structure, DNA replication, and chromosome structure —
Gene expression at the molecular level —
Gene regulation —
Mutation, DNA repair, and cancer —
The eukaryotic cell cycle, mitosis, and meiosis —
Simple patterns of inheritance —
Complex patterns of inheritance —
Genetics of viruses and bacteria —
Developmental genetics —
Genetic technology —
Genomes, proteomes, and bioinformatics —
The origin and history of life on Earth —
An introduction to evolution —
Population genetics —
Origin of species and macroevolution —
Taxonomy and systematics —
Archaea and bacteria —
Protists —
Plants and the conquest of land —
The evolution and diversity of modern gymnosperms and angiosperms —
Fungi —
An introduction to animal diversity —
The invertebrates —
The vertebrates —
An introduction to flowering plant form and function —
Flowering plants : behavior —
Flowering plants : nutrition —
Flowering plants : transport —
Flowering plants : reproduction —
Animal bodies and homeostasis —
Neuroscience I : cells of the nervous system —
Neuroscience II : evolution, structure, and function of the nervous system —
Neuroscience III : sensory systems —
Muscular-skeletal systems and locomotion —
Nutrition and animal digestive systems —
Control of energy balance, metabolic rate, and body temperature —
Circulatory systems —
Respiratory systems —
Excretory systems and the homeostasis of internal fluids —
Endocrine systems —
Animal reproduction —
Animal development —
Immune systems —
An introduction to ecology and biomes —
Behavioral ecology —
Ecology —
Species interactions —
Community ecology —
Ecosystem ecology —
Biodiversity and conservation biology.

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