Concepts of Genetics (11th Global Edition)


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Concepts of Genetics; 11th Edition (global) emphasizes the fundamental ideas of genes and genetics; while exploring modern techniques and applications of genetic analysis. The best-selling etextbook has a strong problem-solving approach; and this 11th global edition has been extensively updated with relevant; cutting-edge coverage of emerging topics in genetics. Plus its much cheaper than the US version.

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William S. Klug


Pearson International; 11th edition (global) (2016)




894 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Part OneGenes, ChromOsomes, and Heredity1 Introduction to Genetics 2 Mitosis and Meiosis 3 Mendelian Genetics 4 Extensions of Mendelian Genetics 5 Chromosome Mapping in Eukaryotes 6 Genetic Analysis and Mapping in Bacteria and Bacteriophages 7 Sex Determination and Sex Chromosomes 8 Chromosome Mutations: Variation in Number and Arrangement 9 Extranuclear Inheritance Part TwoDNA: Structure, Replication, and Variation10 DNA Structure and Analysis 11 DNA Replication and Recombination 12 DNA Organization in Chromosomes Part ThreeGene Expression, Regulation, and Development13 The Genetic Code and Transcription 14 Translation and Proteins 15 Gene Mutation, DNA Repair, and Transposition16 Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes 17 Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes 18 Developmental Genetics 19 Cancer and Regulation of the Cell Cycle Part Four Genomics20 Recombinant DNA Technology 21 Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Proteomics 22 Applications and Ethics of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Part Five Genetics of Organisms and Populations23 Quantitative Genetics and Multifactorial Traits 24 Neurogenetics 25 Population and Evolutionary Genetics Special Topics in Modern Genetics1 Epigenetics 2 Emerging Roles of RNA 3 DNA Forensics 4 Genomics and Personalized Medicine 5 Genetically Modified Foods 6 Gene Therapy Appendix A Selected Readings A-1Appendix B Answers XXGlossary G-1Credits XXIndex XX

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