Digital Citizenship and Political Engagement: The Challenge from Online Campaigning and Advocacy Organisations


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Digital Citizenship and Political Engagement (PDF) considers the radical impacts the emergence of digital politics and social media have had on the way that advocacy organizations activate and organize citizens into political participation. It debates that these changes are due not only to technological advancement but are also supported by new political narratives; hybrid media systems; and a new networked generation of political actors. The author empirically evaluates the emergence and consolidation within advanced democracies of online campaigning organisations; such as MoveOn; Getup; 38 Degrees; and AVAAZ. Vromen shows that they have become prominent political advocates; and influential on both national and global level governance. The ebook critically engages with this digital disruption of traditional patterns of political mobilisation and organisation; and stresses the challenges in embracing new ideas like entrepreneurialism and issue-driven politics. It will be of interest to scholars and advanced students in citizen politics and political participation; civil society organisations; interest groups; e-government and politics; and social media.


Ariadne Vromen’s exclusive ten-year study of GetUp is a terrific contribution to the field. This highly readable and multi-layered ebook penetrates critical questions about what makes the organization and its campaigns tick; how they alter over time; and what this means for citizen-based politics. Vromen’s perceptive work reminds us why attention to context is significant and comprehensive analysis indispensable.” — Alexandra Segerberg; Stockholm University; Sweden

This is a tremendous ebook. Ariadne Vromen draws upon a full decade of observation and research of the Australian netroots powerhouse GetUp. The expansive breadth and depth of her research reveal something that no other scholar has been able to chart: how digital advocacy groups learn; adapt; and change as they expand their initial novelty and carve out a niche in the political landscape. The ebook is a must-read for anyone interested in how the internet is changing planned collective action.” — David Karpf; George Washington University; USA

This is an important and well-timed book that offers a unique vision into how digital technologies are democratizing the world of political activism and interest articulation. Through a rich comparative study of the new ‘organizational hybrids’ – MoveOn; GetUp; and 38 Degrees – Vromen provides a powerful argument to show how these groups are challenging the established order and returning power to the grassroots.” — Rachel Gibson; University of Manchester; UK

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Ariadne Vromen


Palgrave Macmillan




289 pages






1137488646; 1349695955


9781137488640/ 9781349695959

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xi
Introduction….Pages 1-7
Digital Citizenship and Political Engagement….Pages 9-49
Social Media Use for Political Engagement….Pages 51-75
Hybrid Online Campaigning Organisations….Pages 77-126
Storytelling and Changing Values….Pages 127-156
Entrepreneurial Leadership Styles….Pages 157-189
Diffusion and Sharing in the Advocacy Organisation Sector….Pages 191-223
Conclusion: The Future of Digital Citizenship and Political Engagement….Pages 225-237
Back Matter….Pages 239-278

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