Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (3rd Edition)


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Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics; 3rd Edition (PDF) is a clear and detailed introduction to quantum mechanics and its applications in physics and chemistry. All required mathematics is clearly explained; including intermediate steps in derivations; and concise review of the maths is included in the textbook at appropriate points. Most of the elementary quantum mechanical models — including particles in boxes; barrier penetration; harmonic oscillator; rigid rotor; hydrogen atom — are clearly and completely presented. Applications of these models to selected “real world” topics are also included in this ebook.

This new 3rd edition includes many new topics such as band theory and heat capacity of solids; spectroscopy of molecules and complexes (including applications to ligand field theory); and small molecules of astrophysical interest.

  • Problems given at the end of each chapter help college students to master difficult concepts
  • Presents results of quantum mechanical calculations that can be performed with readily available of-the-shelf software
  • Accessible style and colorful illustrations make the content appropriate for college students and professional researchers alike
  • Provides exceptionally clear discussions of spin-orbit coupling and group theory; and comprehensive coverage of barrier penetration (quantum mechanical tunneling) that touches upon hot topics; such as superconductivity and scanning tunneling microscopy

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Academic Press; 3rd edition




352 pages









Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,PrefaceEntitled to full textChapter 1 – Origins of Quantum Theory, Pages 1-22
Chapter 2 – The Methods of Quantum Mechanics, Pages 23-37
Chapter 3 – Particles in Boxes, Pages 39-55
Chapter 4 – The Hydrogen Atom, Pages 57-76
Chapter 5 – Structure and Properties of More Complex Atoms, Pages 77-99
Chapter 6 – Vibrations and the Harmonic Oscillator, Pages 101-135
Chapter 7 – Molecular Rotation and Spectroscopy, Pages 137-158
Chapter 8 – Bonding and Properties of Diatomic Molecules, Pages 159-194
Chapter 9 – The Hückel Molecular Orbital Method, Pages 195-230
Chapter 10 – Molecular Structure and Symmetry, Pages 231-269
Chapter 11 – Molecular Spectroscopy, Pages 271-296
Chapter 12 – Spectroscopy of Metal Complexes, Pages 297-314
Chapter 13 – Barrier Penetration, Pages 315-334
Chapter 14 – Comments on Computational Methods, Pages 335-347
References for Further Reading, Pages 349-350
Answers to Selected Problems, Pages 351-354
Index, Pages 355-362

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