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IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide is the ideal all-in-one resource for those preparing to take the exam for the internationally-recognized IT computing fundamentals credential. Designed to help candidates pinpoint weak areas while there’s still time to brush up; this book provides one hundred percent coverage of the exam objectives for all three modules of the IC3-GS4 exam. Readers will find clear; concise information; hands-on examples; and self-paced exercises that demonstrate how to perform critical tasks. This useful guide includes access to a robust set of learning tools; including chapter review questions; a practice test environment; electronic flashcards; and author videos that explain complex topics.

The exam includes both multiple choice and performance-based questions; and this guide provides plenty of both so candidates can get comfortable with both material and format. More than just a memorization tool; this book helps exam candidates understand the material on a fundamental level; giving them a greater chance of success than just going it alone. For the IC3 candidate who’s serious about certification; IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide is the complete; hands-on exam prep guide.

  • Understand troubleshooting and safe computing
  • Review operating system basics and common application features
  • Learn basic word processing; presentation; spreadsheet; and database activities
  • Study digital communication; networking concepts; and research fluency

The certification consists of three separate exams: Computing Fundamentals; Key Applications; and Living Online. Candidates are given fifty minutes to answer forty-five questions; so rapid recall and deep understanding are critical to success. IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide provides expert instruction on everything candidates need to know; including hardware; software; networking; and more.

From the Back Cover

Covers 100% of exam objectives; including explaining the differences between software applications and operating systems; demonstrating how to organize; configure; and/or format user data from within an application; and much more…

Includes interactive learning environment and study tools with:
+ six custom practice exams
+ More than onehundred and  fifty Electronic Flashcards
+ Practice files for completing exercises in the PDF ebook
+ Searchable key term glossary

Your complete guide to preparing for Exam IC3 GS4

The IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4 Study Guide is your one-stop resource for complete coverage of Exam IC3GS4. This Sybex Study Guide covers 100% of all exam IC3 GS4 objectives. You’ll prepare for the exam smarter and faster with Sybex thanks to superior content including; assessment tests that check exam readiness; objective map; real-world scenarios; hands-on exercises; key topic exam essentials; and challenging chapter review questions. Reinforce what you have learned with the exclusive Sybex online learning environment and test bank;accessible across multiple devices. Get prepared for the IC3 GS4 exam with Sybex.

Coverage of 100% of all exam objectives in this Study Guide means you’ll be ready for

  • Understanding Hardware; Operating Systems; and Software
  • Handling Networking Tools and Security
  • Communicating Online
  • Using Microsoft Office
  • Using the Internet Responsibly
  • Maintaining Your Safety Online
  • Searching the Web and Evaluating Information

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Ciprian Adrian Rusen


Sybex; 1st edition (April 27; 2015)




648 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
IC3® Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4: Study Guide
About the Author
Contents at a Glance
Table of Exercises
Assessment Test
Part I Computing Fundamentals
Chapter 1 Understanding Operating Systems
Operating Systems and Their Roles When Using Computers and Devices
What Is Hardware?
What Is Software?
What Is an Operating System?
How Do They All Work Together?
Accessing and Locking the Operating System
Software and System Updates
Working with Files, Folders, and Libraries
Accessing Your Files and Folders
Understanding File Types. Managing Your Files and FoldersCustomizing Your Computer
Customizing the Desktop
Understanding User Accounts
Exam Essentials
Key Terms
Review Questions
Chapter 2 Understanding Hardware
The Internal Hardware Components of a Computer
Peripheral Devices That Can Be Connected to a Computer
The Most Common Types of Computers and Devices
How Information Is Transmitted inside a Computer
How to Evaluate the Performance of a Computer or Device
Exam Essentials
Key Terms
Review Questions
Chapter 3 Understanding Software
The Dependencies between Hardware and Software. Installing, Removing, or Reinstalling SoftwareSoftware Licensing and Its Implications
The Most Common Types of Office Applications
Using Templates to Get Started with an Application
Personal Entertainment Applications
Compressing Files to Save Space
Optimizing Your Computer’s Hard Disk Performance
Protecting Yourself from Malware
Exam Essentials
Key Terms
Review Questions
Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Problems with Your Computer
Dealing with Problems Caused by Software
Dealing with Incompatibilities between the Operating System Version and Your Applications. Dealing with Unresponsive ApplicationsDealing with Applications That Consume Too Many Resources
Dealing with Malware Infections
Using Safe Mode to Fix Problems with Windows
Finding Help Online
Dealing with Problems Caused by Hardware
Dealing with Problems Caused by Cables and Connectors
Upgrading the Firmware for Your Computer’s Components and Peripherals
Dealing with Drivers for Your Computer’s Hardware
Creating Your Own Backup System
Backing Up Your Data with Backup and Restore
Restoring Your Data with Backup and Restore
Backing Up Your Data to the Cloud with OneDrive
Summary. Exam EssentialsKey Terms
Review Questions
Part II Key Applications
Chapter 5 Exploring Common Application Features in Microsoft Office
Creating New Empty Documents with Microsoft Office
Starting and Closing Microsoft Office Applications
Opening and Closing Microsoft Office Files
Creating New Empty Files with Microsoft Office
Saving Your Microsoft Office Files
Working with Several Windows at the Same Time
The Basics of Using Microsoft Office Applications
Keyboard Shortcuts for Using the Ribbon Productively
Selecting, Copying, and Moving Data When Using Microsoft Office Applications.

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