Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment (10th Edition)


Download Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment (10th Edition) written by J.M. Cairo in PDF format. This book is under the category Medicine and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 0323416365; 0323528961; 0323675557/9780323416368/ 9780323528962/ 9780323675550. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


The most clinically relevant respiratory care equipment etextbook on the market; Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment; 10th Edition employs a “how-to” approach that moves beyond technical descriptions of machinery. Learn to identify equipment; understand how it works; and apply your knowledge to clinical practice with this comprehensive overview of the equipment and techniques used by respiratory therapists to treat cardiopulmonary dysfunction. The 10th edition includes updated information on the latest devices and equipment; which are divided into clearly defined sections including: transport; home-care; ventilators; neonatal and pediatric ventilators; and alternative ventilators. In addition; there’s a focus on specific ventilator characteristics such as mode; monitors and displays; alarms and indicators; graphics; special features; and troubleshooting for lesser-used ventilators.


    • NEW! Thoroughly updated content reflects changes in the NBRC exam.


    • NEW! Updated images and full-color design enhances your understanding of key concepts.


    • NBRC-style Self-Assessment Questions at the end of every chapter prepares you for credentialing exams.


    • UNIQUE! List of Ventilators organized by application area and manufacturer make review and research quick and easy.


    • UNIQUE! Clinical Scenario boxes (formerly Clinical Rounds) allow you to apply material you’ve learned to a clinical setting.


    • UNIQUE! Infection Control chapter provides a review of this critical topic that RTs must understand to prevent healthcare-associated infections.


    • UNIQUE! Historical Notes boxes present educational and/or clinically relevant and valuable historical information of respiratory care equipment.


    • NEW! Content on the latest devices and equipment includes: transport; ventilators; neonatal and pediatric ventilators; home-care; and alternative ventilators.


    • UNIQUE! Clinical Approach provides you with a “how-to” guide to identifying equipment; understanding how it works; and applying the information in clinical practice.


    • NEW! Streamlined device coverage features the basics of the most widely used devices in a clearly segmented and bulleted format for easy access to this key information.


    • Excerpts of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) give you important information regarding indications/contraindications; assessment of need; hazards and complications; assessment of outcome; and monitoring.


    • Pedagogy includes chapter outlines; learning objectives; key terms; chapter introductions; and bulleted key point summaries to reinforce material and help you to identify relevant content.



NOTE: This ebook; Mosby’s Respiratory Care Equipment 10th Edition has been converted to PDF from another format; hence the page numbers AND formatting will NOT match the physical book! No access codes included.


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Mosby; 10th edition




616 pages






0323416365; 0323528961; 0323675557


9780323416368/ 9780323528962/ 9780323675550

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