Political Geology: Active Stratigraphies and the Making of Life


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Political Geology; (PDF) explores the rising area of political geology; an space of examine dedicated to understanding the cross-sections between politics and geology. It considers how geological forces resembling volcanoes; earthquakes; and unstable floor are political forces and how political forces have an affect on the earth. Together the authors intention to know how the geos has been recognized; spoken for; captured; managed and represented whereas making the lively underlying strata for producing worlds.

This thorough assortment features a selection of interdisciplinary matters together with the historical past of the geological sciences; the origin of the earth; non-Western theories of geology and the relationship between nature and people. It consists of chapters that re-suppose the earth’s ‘geostory’ along with case research on the politics of earthquakes in Mexico metropolis; ; geologists at Oxford; shamans on an Indonesian volcano; and eroding islands in Japan. In each case; political geology is attentive to the encounters between political initiatives and the generative geological supplies which can be enlisted and typically liquefy; slip or erode away. This ebook will probably be of nice curiosity to practitioners and students throughout the political and geographical sciences; in addition to to anthropologists; philosophers of science and sociologists extra broadly.


It has been widely supposed that social scientists should restrict their attention to the surface of the Earth; as a result; they have had little to say about the Earth’s geology. This wonderful collection finally ends this odd silence and; in bringing the study of politics to the Earth’s depths; opens up a whole new venue of geographical and historical enquiry.” — Andrew Barry; Department of Geography; University College London; UK

Political Geology: Active Stratigraphies and the Making of Life is an inspiring and smart collection that includes some of the best writers on the topic. Don’t however be mistaken: it is not only about the solid ground beneath our feet; instead; the earth is moved as numbers; projects; calculations;; it haunts as colonial memories and as material dynamics. This ebook is one main collection that helps to outline the (geo)political stakes of the Anthropocene.” — Jussi Parikka; University of Southampton; creator of A Geology of Media

Whether the newest era in the history of our planet should be termed the Anthropocene has yet to be determined; but the following disputes have left no doubt that we live in an era of political geology. Controversies about climate change; resource use; and distinctions between the biological; geological and human have brought a new appreciation of the political dimensions of the Earth sciences. Stretching from Korea and India to Poland and Mexico; this extensive volume is vital reading for anyone who wishes to understand the part of the geosciences in recent debates.” — James A. Secord; Department of History and Philosophy of Science; University of Cambridge; UK

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Adam Bobbette, Amy Donovan


Palgrave Macmillan




379 pages






3319981889; 3319981897


9783319981888/ 9783319981895

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xi
Political Geology: An Introduction (Adam Bobbette, Amy Donovan)….Pages 1-34
Front Matter ….Pages 35-35
Genealogies of Geomorphological Techniques (Rachael Tily)….Pages 37-69
Baroque Soil: Mexico City in the Aftermath (Seth Denizen)….Pages 71-104
Geo-Metrics and Geo-Politics: Controversies in Estimating European Shale Gas Resources (Kärg Kama, Magdalena Kuchler)….Pages 105-145
From Becoming-Geology to Geology-Becoming: Hashima as Geopolitics (Deborah Dixon)….Pages 147-165
Front Matter ….Pages 167-167
Cosmological Reason on a Volcano (Adam Bobbette)….Pages 169-199
Against ‘Terrenism’: Léopold Sédar Senghor, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the Fear of a De-spiritualised Earth (Angela Last)….Pages 201-217
How the Earth Remembers and Forgets (Bronislaw Szerszynski)….Pages 219-236
Front Matter ….Pages 237-237
Attention in the Anthropocene: On the Spiritual Exercises of Any Future Science (Simone Kotva)….Pages 239-261
Political Geologies of Magma (Nigel Clark)….Pages 263-292
Politics of the Lively Geos: Volcanism and Geomancy in Korea (Amy Donovan)….Pages 293-343
Front Matter ….Pages 345-345
Encountering the Earth: Political Geological Futures? (Adam Bobbette, Amy Donovan)….Pages 347-371
Back Matter ….Pages 373-379

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