Seaweed in Health and Disease Prevention


Download Seaweed in Health and Disease Prevention written by Joël Fleurence, Ira Levine in PDF format. This book is under the category Health and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 012802772X; 0128027932/9780128027721/ 9780128027936. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


Seaweed in Health and Disease Prevention (PDF) options the potential utilization of seaweed; macroalgae; and their extracts for bettering well being and illness. The ebook explores the probabilities in a complete method; together with charting how seaweed can be utilized as a supply of micronutrients and macronutrients; in addition to nutraceuticals. The business worth of seaweed for human consumption is growing annually; and some international locations harvest hundreds of thousands of tons yearly. This textual content presents the properties and results of seaweeds and their use in the meals business; offering a holistic view of the flexibility of seaweed to affect or have an effect on angiogenesis; tumors; diabetes and glucose management; fungal infections; oxidative stress; irritation and an infection; the intestine; and the liver.

  • Includes Key Facts; Dictionary of Terms; and Summary factors in every chapter to enhance comprehension
  • Includes info on poisonous varieties and protected consumption tips to complement elementary protection of well being advantages
  • Integrates foundational info and dietary context; offering a holistic method to the connection between sea greens; diet; eating regimen; and well being
  • Offers complete protection of well being advantages; together with sea greens as sources of nutraceuticals and their exact functions in illness prevention; corresponding to angiogenesis; fungal infections; diabetes; and others

NOTE: The product solely consists of the ebook; Seaweed in Health and Disease Prevention in PDF. No access codes are included.

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Joël Fleurence, Ira Levine


Academic Press; 1st edition










012802772X; 0128027932


9780128027721/ 9780128027936

Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,Dedication,List of Contributors,About the Editors,AcknowledgmentEntitled to full textChapter 1 – Algae: A Way of Life and Health, Pages 1-5, I. Levine
Chapter 2 – Society and Seaweed: Understanding the Past and Present, Pages 7-40, A. Delaney, K. Frangoudes, S.-A. Ii
Chapter 3 – Biology of Seaweeds, Pages 41-106, P. Baweja, S. Kumar, D. Sahoo, I. Levine
Chapter 4 – Macroalgae Systematics, Pages 107-148, C. Dawes
Chapter 5 – Seaweeds as Food, Pages 149-167, J. Fleurence
Chapter 6 – Seaweed and Alcohol: Biofuel or Booze?, Pages 169-184, S. Kraan
Chapter 7 – Lipids, Fatty Acids, Glycolipids, and Phospholipids, Pages 185-221, G. Wielgosz-Collin, M. Kendel, A. Couzinet-Mossion
Chapter 8 – Carbohydrates From Seaweeds, Pages 223-274, V. Stiger-Pouvreau, N. Bourgougnon, E. Deslandes
Chapter 9 – Proteins and Pigments, Pages 275-318, J. Dumay, M. Morançais
Chapter 10 – Seaweeds in Human Health, Pages 319-367, P. Déléris, H. Nazih, J.-M. Bard
Chapter 11 – Medicinal Properties: Antibiotic, Tonic, and Antiparasitic Properties, Pages 369-388, C. Vonthron-Sénécheau
Chapter 12 – Antiallergic Properties, Pages 389-406, J. Fleurence, E. Ar Gall
Chapter 13 – Toxic and Harmful Seaweeds, Pages 407-421, D. Cheney
Chapter 14 – Seaweed Application in Cosmetics, Pages 423-441, C. Couteau, L. Coiffard
Index, Pages 443-458

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