The Moon in the Greek and Roman Imagination: Myth; Literature; Science and Philosophy


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The Moon exerted a potent affect on historical mental historical past; as a playground for the scientific creativeness. The Moon in the Greek and Roman Imagination; (PDF) research the historical past of the Moon in the Greco-Roman imaginary from Homer to Lucian; with an unique concentrate on these accounts of the Moon; its traits; and its ‘inhabitants’ given by pure scientists; historical philosophers; and imaginative writers together with Pythagoreans; Plato; and the Old Academy; Plutarch; Varro; and Lucian. ní Mheallaigh demonstrates how the Moon’s enigmatic presence made it the important website for serious about the gaze (philosophical; erotic; and scientific) and the hyperlink between actuality and look. It was additionally a website for hoaxes in antiquity in addition to immediately. Central points found include the view from elsewhere (selēnoskopia); the relation of fiction and science; the relations between the beginnings of science in the classical polis and the imperial interval; and the limits of data itself.

NOTE: The product solely consists of The Moon in the Greek and Roman Imagination: Myth; Literature; Science and Philosophy (Greek Culture in the Roman World) in PDF. No access codes are included.

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Table of contents

Table of contents :
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Part I The Moon in the Mythic Imagination
Introduction: To the Moon! Journey into the Ancient Scientific Imagination
Chapter 1 The Moon in Ritual, Myth and Magic
The Moon and Time, Ritual, Religion
Selene and Endymion: Desire and the Female Gaze
Lunar Liquid: The Moon-Womb and Proto-philosophy
Simaetha’s Love-Spell: Magic, Lamps and the Moon
The ‘Thessalian Trick’: Magic, Mirrors and the Moon
The Marriage of Selene and Endymion
Part II The Moon in the Scientific Imagination
Chapter 2 Making Sense of the Moon: Philosophy and Science
What Is the Moon? The Lunar Artefact
The Lunar Laboratory: Change and Epistemology
Heliophotism and the Reflecting Eye
The Moon Becomes a World
Metaphysical Moon: The Old Academy and Pythagoreans
Xenocrates, Philip and the Moon in the Middle
The Moon in the Pythagorean Cosmos
Eschatological Moon
Chapter 3 Life on the Moon: Between Philosophy, Science and Fantasy
Pythagorean Moon-Creatures
The Woman Who Fell to Earth: Helen of Troy
The Nemean Lion and Other Lunar Creatures
Conclusion: The Question of Belief
Chapter 4 The Moon of Many Faces: Plutarch’s Great Lunar Dialogue De Facie
Plutarch’s De Facie and the Duel of the Philosophies
Plutarch’s Inter-disciplinary Moon
The Lunar Texture of De Facie
Theon, Lamprias and Life on the Moon
Sulla’s Myth: The Moon as Metaphysical Junction
Literary Coordinates and a Map to the Moon
Conclusion: A Landmark in the Selenographical Tradition
Part III The Moon in the Fantastic Imagination
Chapter 5 The Imaginary Moon: Lunar Journeys
The First Man to Go to the Moon? The Dream Hoax in Varro’s Endymiones
From Thule to the Moon: Antonius Diogenes’s Scientific Fiction
Astro-poetics: Icaromenippus, the Moon and Lucianic Mixis
Disintegration, Dissent and Creative Hybridity: Lucian’s Moon as ‘Third Space’
Lucian’s Scientific Imagination: Cosmic War, Lunar Anatomy and a Proto-telescope
Conclusion: Scientific Fiction and the Moon
Chapter 6 Selenoskopia: The Moon-View from Fiction to Reality
Lucian, Icaromenippus and the Ancient Telescopic Tradition
Modern Selenoskopic Tradition: The First Wave 1966-1972
The Second Wave: Pale Blue Dot and The Day the Earth Smiled
Conclusion: Between Entanglement and Detachment
Envoi: The Legacy of Ancient Selenography
Index Locorum

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