The Sociolinguistics of Hip-hop as Critical Conscience: Dissatisfaction and Dissent


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The Sociolinguistics of Hip-hop as Critical Conscience: Dissatisfaction and Dissent; (PDF) adopts a sociolinguistic perspective to trace the origins and enduring significance of hip-hop as a global tool of resistance to oppression. The contributors; who demonstrate a range of international perspectives; analyze how hip-hop is employed to express dissent and dissatisfaction relating to such issues as immigration; stereotypes; racism; and post-colonialism. Using a range of methodological approaches; they shed light on diverse hip-hop cultures and practices around the world; stressing issues of relevance in the different countries from which their research originates. Together; the authors expand on current global understandings of hip-hop; language and culture; and emphasize its immense power as a form of popular culture through which the disenfranchised and oppressed can attain and maintain a voice. This thought-provoking edited collection is a must-read for scholars and students of linguistics; political activism and race studies and for anyone with an interest in hip-hop.


Examining how dissatisfaction and dissent are exemplified in many forms of data; the volume shows how hip hop continues to be a politically and socially relevant form of expression around the world and a tool for contemporary youth to express their dissatisfaction with current political and social regimes.” — Associate Professor Cecelia A. Cutler; City University of New York; USA
By emphasizing the lyrical content of rap produced across the globe; the volume provides intriguing insights on many critical issues of interest to a broad range of readers; including migration; racism; and postcolonialism. Authors use a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to show how dissatisfaction and dissent are constructed in rap in ways that cross national borders; languages; and semiotic modes; thus pushing forward the methodological apparatus of Hip Hop studies.” — Dr. Emilee Moore; University of Leeds; UK

It is always a pleasure to read not just poetry; but “strong poetry” where the unknown is made known and apparent; where language sails into oceans of pleasure and solidarity; where disciplines meet to create a nation of hope in a time of hopelessness; and where Hip-Hop rubs shoulders with language; dissent and resistance. The Sociolinguistics of Hip-Hop as Critical Conscience: Dissatisfaction and Dissent could not have been more urgent and more needed than in the current moment. WORD!” — Professor Awad Ibrahim; University of Ottawa; Canada


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Andrew S. Ross, Damian J. Rivers


Palgrave Macmillan




271 pages






3319592432; 331986579X


9783319592435/ 9783319865799

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xiii
Introduction: Hip-hop as Critical Conscience: Framing Dissatisfaction and Dissent (Andrew S. Ross, Damian J. Rivers)….Pages 1-11
The Linguistic and Lyrical Development of 2Pac in Relation to Regional Hip-hop Identity and Conflict (Steven Gilbers)….Pages 13-36
Dimensions of Dissatisfaction and Dissent in Contemporary German Rap: Social Marginalization, Politics, and Identity Formation (Leonie Wiemeyer, Steffen Schaub)….Pages 37-67
“77% of Aussies Are Racist”: Intersections of Politics and Hip-hop in Australia (Andrew S. Ross)….Pages 69-99
Where is the Love? White Nationalist Discourse on Hip-hop (Damian J. Rivers)….Pages 101-129
“Who’s Afraid of the Dark?”: The Ironic Self-Stereotype of the Ethnic Other in Finnish Rap Music (Elina Westinen)….Pages 131-161
How the Financial Crisis Changed Hip-hop (Steven Gilbers)….Pages 163-189
Dissatisfaction and Dissent in the Transmodal Performances of Hip-hop Artists in Mongolia (Sender Dovchin)….Pages 191-211
Counter-Hegemonic Linguistic Ideologies and Practices in Brazilian Indigenous Rap (André Marques do Nascimento)….Pages 213-235
The Death of Dissent and the Decline of Dissin’: A Diachronic Study of Race, Gender, and Genre in Mainstream American Rap (John P. Racine)….Pages 237-268
Back Matter ….Pages 269-271

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