Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: New Geopolitical Realities


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Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: New Geopolitical Realities; (PDF) explores the most important strategic questions about the upcoming Indo-Pacific region by offering an incisive analysis of the present and future patterns of rivalry and cooperation of key nations in the region.

Exploring emerging policies of cooperation and conflict adopted by Indo-Pacific states in response to an ascending China; the ebook provides insights into the evolving Indo-Pacific visions and strategies being developed in Japan; Australia; India; and the US in reaction to shifting geopolitical realities. The ebook gives evidence of geopolitical advances in what some observe as a spatially coherent maritime zone stretching from the eastern Pacific to the western Indian Ocean; involving small island states and countries that line its coastal. It also evaluates the development and operationalization of Indo-Pacific policies and strategies of numerous key nations. Contributors provide both macro and micro point of views to this critically significant topic; providing insights into the grand strategies of great powers along with case-studies ranging from the Philippines to the Maldives to Kenya. The ebook suggests that new opponents; changing alliances and economic ebbs and flows in the Indo-Pacific will bring forth new geopolitical realities and shape much else beyond in the twenty-first century.

A timely contribution to the swiftly expanding policy and scholarly discussions about what is likely to be the determining region for international politics for future generations; the ebook will be of interest to policymakers along with students and academics in the fields of International Relations; Foreign Policy; Security Studies; East and South Asian Studies; Diplomacy and International Law; East African Studies; Australian Studies; and Middle East Studies.


The Indo-Pacific is a zone in the making and a region in flux; with numerous definitions of where it begins and ends. These brief essays will help scholars and strategists find heir way through a vibrant and developing discourse.” —  Dr. Sanjaya Baru; Distinguished Fellow; Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis; United Service Institution of India; New Delhi

This ebook; Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific; is an important and prompt addition to the developing literature on the Indo-Pacific; including sophisticated discussions of perspectives from India; Japan; Australia; the United States; China; and the Philippines. The ebook is an important reminder that different countries construct ideas of their ‘region’ in very different ways.” — Dr. David Brewster; Senior Research Fellow; National Security College; Australian National University; Canberra

The Indo-Pacific is rising as a strategically integrated stage of competition and cooperation. The authors and editors should be commended for this ebook; one that presents with precision and in well-researched detail the Indo-Pacific strategies and visions of the partner states along with varied reactions to them across this vast region. Thus; it is a significant addition to the study of the international relations of Indo-Pacific.” — Tsutomu Kikuchi; Professor; Aoyama Gakuin University; Tokyo

This volume makes a prompt contribution to the literature on the Indo-Pacific. Bringing together a range of leading scholars from across the world; the ebook reveals the possibilities for conflict and cooperation across this broad geopolitical region. Featuring in-depth case studies―ranging from Japan to Philippines to East Africa―the volume offers fresh analyses on this critically important region. I highly recommend this ebook.” — Dr. Satu Limaye; Vice President & Director of East-West Center; Washington; D.C.

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Ash Rossiter, Brendon J. Cannon






214 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Half Title
Series Page
Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
List of Contributors
List of Abbreviations
List of Key terms
Chapter 1: Conflict and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: New geopolitical realities
New geopolitical realities in the Indo-Pacific
China’s swelling regional influence and involvement
Choices and conundrums for the Indo-Pacific powers
Debating the Indo-Pacific
Conflict and cooperation across the Indo-Pacific
Chapter 2: India’s approach to the “Quad” and the salience of China
Arrival and return of the Quad
Why does India endorse the Quad?
Post-Cold War Sino-US rivalry and the Quad
India–China relations vis-à-vis the Quad
Summing up: the Quad disorder
Chapter 3: Decoding Japan’s “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” concept
Origins of a so-called “strategy”
Decoding the FOIP through policy statements
Three pillars: The security angle
FOIP as a maritime security policy
Peace and stability
The FOIP and China
Chapter 4: US strategic re-positioning to the “Indo-Pacific”: A paradigm shift
Presence (actorness)
Chapter 5: Australia and the construction of the Indo-Pacific
(Re-)Constructing the region: from Asia-Pacific to the Indo-Pacific
Australia in the Indo-Pacific: position, behavior, identity and agency
Australia’s strategy towards the Indo-Pacific
Chapter 6: Competing regional visions: China’s Belt and Road Initiative versus the Indo-Pacific Partnership
Defining regions and regional cooperation in Asia
Integrating Asia with Chinese characteristics: the Belt and Road Initiative
Chinese foreign policy under Xi Jinping
The Belt and Road Initiative: a new way of organizing Asia?
The Indo-Pacific Partnership: hub-and-spoke system 2.0?
US foreign policy under Donald Trump
Attitudes of Australia, India and Japan
Chapter 7: Japan’s Indo-Pacific: Operationalizing Tokyo’s vision in eastern Africa
The Indo-Pacific and the international relations of eastern Africa
Competing state interests
The political economy of ports and natural resources
Eastern Africa and China
Creating Japan’s Indo-Pacific vision
Eastern Africa and Japan
Contextualizing Japan’s and China’s approaches to the region
Chapter 8: China and India: Nautical games in the Indian Ocean
Caught in the middle
Sri Lanka: the fulcrum of rivalry
To lease or not to lease: from 199 years to 99 years
Tug-of-war over the Maldives
Move over, India—here comes China
Move over, China—here comes India
The Seychelles saga
Mauritian maneuvers
Chinese checkers
New Delhi dilemmas
A clash of values and visions: BRI versus the FOIP
The geometry of geopolitics
Chapter 9: Indo-Pacific geopolitics and foreign policy: The case of the Philippines, 2010–2018
Responding to Indo-Pacific geopolitics
From China’s naval expansion to US strategic rebalancing
Fear over the loss of territorial rights
Thwarting the strategic rebalancing: the Belt and Road Initiative
Fear over the loss of economic benefits
Twenty-first century US–China strategic competition
The fear of entanglement
The power of fear

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