Land Restoration: Reclaiming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future


Download Land Restoration: Reclaiming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future written by IIan Chabay, Martin Frick, Jennifer Heigeson in PDF format. This book is under the category Geography and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 128012315/9780128012314. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.

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Land Restoration: Reclaiming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future (PDF) provides a holistic overview of land degradation and restoration in that it addresses the issue of land restoration from the scientific and practical development points of view. Furthermore; the breadth of chapter topics and contributors cover the topic and a wealth of connected issues; such as development; security; and environmental issues. The use of graphics and extensive references to case studies also make the work accessible and encourage it to be used for reference; but also in active field-work planning.

The Land Restoration: Reclaiming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future ebook brings together practitioners from academia; governments; NGOs; and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) to exchange lessons to enrich the academic understanding of these issues and the solution sets available.

  • Provides practical tools for designing and implementing restoration/re-greening processes.
  • Includes practical on-the-ground examples garnered from diverse areas; such as the Southeast Asia; Sahel; and the U.S.A.
  • Provides accessible information about the science behind land degradation and restoration for those who do not directly engage with the science allowing full access to the issue at hand.

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IIan Chabay, Martin Frick, Jennifer Heigeson


Academic Press; 1st edition




547 pages









Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,Dedication,Contributors,Acknowledgments,Foreword,Governing Land Restoration: Four Hypotheses,IntroductionEntitled to full textPart 1: Social Contexts of Land RestorationChapter 1.1 – Land Degradation as a Security Threat Amplifier: The New Global Frontline, Pages 3-12, Monique Barbut, Sasha Alexander
Chapter 1.2 – Land Degradation and Its Impact on Security, Pages 13-26, Hartmut Behrend
Chapter 1.3 – (Em)powering People: Reconciling Energy Security and Land-Use Management in the Sudano-Sahelian Region, Pages 27-66, Stela Nenova, Hartmut Behrend
Chapter 1.4 – Enabling Governance for Sustainable Land Management, Pages 67-76, Jonathan Davies
Chapter 2.1 – Tenets of Soil and Landscape Restoration, Pages 79-96, Rattan Lal
Chapter 2.2 – Stabilization of Sand Dunes: Do Ecology and Public Perception Go Hand in Hand?, Pages 97-105, Nir Becker, Meira Segev, Pua Bar (Kutiel)
Chapter 2.3 – Trust Building and Mobile Pastoralism in Africa1, Pages 107-117, Alan Channer
Chapter 2.4 – Land Degradation From Military Toxics: Public Health Considerations and Possible Solution Paths, Pages 119-131, Adam Koniuszewski
Chapter 2.5 – Flood and Drought Prevention and Disaster Mitigation: Combating Land Degradation with an Integrated Natural Systems Strategy, Pages 133-161, Rhamis Kent
Chapter 2.6 – Environmental Security, Land Restoration, and the Military: A Case Study of the Ecological Task Forces in India, Pages 163-181, Dhanasree Jayaram
Chapter 2.7 – Releasing the Underground Forest: Case Studies and Preconditions for Human Movements that Restore Land with the Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) Method, Pages 183-207, Julia Birch, Peter Weston, Tony Rinaudo, Rob Francis
Chapter 3.1 – Computational Policy Support Systems for Understanding Land Degradation Effects on Water and Food Security for and from Africa, Pages 211-233, Mark Mulligan
Chapter 3.2 – The Value of Land Restoration as a Response to Climate Change, Pages 235-245, Guy Lomax
Chapter 4.1 – The Importance of Land Restoration for Achieving a Land Degradation–Neutral World, Pages 249-258, Luca Montanarella
Chapter 4.2 – Transforming Land Conflicts into Sustainable Development: The Case of the Taita Taveta of Kenya, Pages 259-270, Ednah Kang’ee
Chapter 4.3 – Case Study: Taranaki Farm Regenerative Agriculture. Pathways to Integrated Ecological Farming, Pages 271-287, Tom Duncan
Chapter 4.4 – Regenerating Agriculture to Sustain Civilization, Pages 289-309, Allan Savory, Tom Duncan
Chapter 4.5 – Land Degradation: An Economic Perspective, Pages 311-317, Hannes Etter
Chapter 4.6 – Four Returns, Three Zones, 20 Years: A Systemic Approach to Scale up Landscape Restoration by Businesses and Investors to Create a Restoration Industry, Pages 319-347, Willem H. Ferwerda
Chapter 4.7 – Restoring Degraded Ecosystems by Unlocking Organic Market Potential: Case Study from Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe, Pages 349-359, Georgina McAllister
Chapter 4.8 – A Continuing Inquiry into Ecosystem Restoration: Examples from China’s Loess Plateau and Locations Worldwide and Their Emerging Implications, Pages 361-379, John D. Liu, Bradley T. Hiller
Chapter 5.1 – Poverties and Wealth: Perceptions, Empowerment, and Agency in Sustainable Land Management, Pages 383-404, Noel Oettle, Bettina Koelle
Chapter 5.2 – All Voices Heard: A Conflict Prevention Approach to Land and Natural Resources*, Pages 405-418, Lynn Finnegan
Chapter 6.1 – Land Restoration, Agriculture, and Climate Change: Enriching Gender Programming Through Strengthening Intersectional Perspectives, Pages 421-430, Mary Thompson-Hall
Chapter 6.2 – Gender Roles and Land Use Preferences—Implications to Landscape Restoration in Southeast Asia, Pages 431-440, Delia C. Catacutan, Grace B. Villamor
Chapter 7.1 – Drought-Management Policies and Preparedness Plans: Changing the Paradigm from Crisis to Risk Management, Pages 443-462, Donald A. Wilhite
Chapter 7.2 – Not the Usual Suspects: Environmental Impacts of Migration in Ghana’s Forest-Savanna Transition Zone*, Pages 463-481, Kees van der Geest, Kees Burger, Augustine Yelfaanibe, Ton Dietz
Chapter 7.3 – The Global Restoration Initiative, Pages 483-494, Kathleen Buckingham, Sean DeWitt, Lars Laestadius
Chapter 8.1 – Indigenuity: Reclaiming our Relationship with the Land, Pages 497-506, Lili Hernandez Boesen, Stephen Hinton, Stephen Freeman
Chapter 8.2 – Land Restoration and Community Trust: Keys to Combating Poverty: A Case Study from Rural Maharashtra, India, Pages 507-519, Jared Buono, Jayashree Rao
Chapter 8.3 – Shifting from Individual to Collective Action: Living Land’s experience in the Baviaanskloof, South Africa, Pages 521-531, Maura Talbot, Dieter van den Broeck
Chapter 8.4 – Development and Success, For Whom and Where: The Central Anatolian Case, Pages 533-541, Erhan Akça, Kume Takashi, Tetsu Sato
Chapter 8.5 – Sharing Knowledge to Spread Sustainable Land Management (SLM)*, Pages 543-545, Rima Mekdaschi Studer, Isabelle Providoli, Hanspeter Liniger
Chapter 9.1 – Buffets, Cafes, or a Multicourse Meal: On the Many Possible Ways to Use This Book, Pages 549-551, Ilan Chabay
Chapter 10.1 – Concluding Remarks, Pages 555-557, Luc Gnacadja
Index, Pages 559-572

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