Principles of International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics: Theories; Applications; and Policies


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Principles of International Finance and Open Economy Macroeconomics: Theories; Applications; and Policies; (PDF) offers a macroeconomic framework for understanding and evaluating the global economy from the perspectives of evolving economies and developing countries.

Different from most macroeconomic textbooks; which typically stress issues about developed countries while downplaying issues linked to developing countries; this ebook emphasizes problems in emerging economies; including those in Latin American countries.

It also describes the latest developments in international finance that are important to a thorough understanding of the implications and effects of the current financial crisis.

  • Offers a unified mathematical model accessible to those with basic mathematical skills
  • Offers case studies and publicly available data allowing readers to explore theories and their applications
  • Focuses on developing country perspectives on International Finance and the Economy; including those in Latin American countries
  • Describes recent developments in international finance that are essential to a thorough understanding of the effects and implications of the recent financial crisis


A motivating textbook on international macroeconomics developed with articulate economic intuition and illustrated with latest issues in global economy.” — Ou Hu; Youngstown State University

The world of international finance has been since 2007 one of the most complex and interesting ever known. Developing countries are evolving; developed economies are facing serious demographic and fiscal challenges; the international monetary system is anarchic; exchange rates fluctuate; the balance of payments imbalances abound; and challenges only increase. Cristina Terra’s ebook comes at a good time; putting these issues in order clearly and didactically. Including basic concepts and relevant models in a clear and well-illustrated way; this ebook will serve as an essential reference for practitioners and academics.”  — Arminio Fraga Neto; Gávea Investimentos; Brazil

Cristina Terra’s excellent intermediate international macroeconomics textbook fills an important gap by offering analysis that is more mathematically demanding than standard mass-market textbooks; yet remains quite available to both advanced undergraduates and first-year graduate students.  The ebook is also different in its focus on developing market policy issues; though the financial crisis has shown that progressive economy practitioners would do well to learn these lessons also.  Another very interesting aspect of the ebook is that a great deal of the material is included within a unified analytical framework; assisting students to see links between issues.  A very helpful addition to the market; especially for seniors and juniors that are really too advanced for standard intermediate international macro ebooks.” — Kenneth Rogoff; Harvard University

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Additional information


Cristina Terra


Academic Press




620 pages








9780128022979/ 9780128025383

Table of contents

Front-matter, Pages i,iii
Copyright, Page iv
Foreword, Page ix
Preface, Page xi
Acknowledgments, Page xiii
1 – Introduction, Pages 1-5
Part I. Definitions, Page 7
2 – How to Measure International Transactions, Pages 9-30
3 – The Foreign Exchange Market, Pages 31-59
Part II. Current Account and Real Exchange Rate, Page 61
4 – What Is the Optimum Current-Account Level?, Pages 63-102
5 – The Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate, Pages 103-143
Part III. Determination of the Nominal Exchange Rate, Pages 145-146
6 – Money and Exchange Rate in the Long Run, Pages 147-167
7 – Macroeconomic Policies and Exchange Rate in the Short Run, Pages 169-194
8 – Portfolio Diversification and Capital Flows, Pages 195-226
Part IV. Crises and Exchange Rate Policy, Page 227
9 – Currency Crises, Pages 229-263
10 – Exchange Rate Regimes, Pages 265-295
11 – Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy, Pages 297-329
Annexes, Pages 333-335
References, Pages 337-340
Index, Pages 341-348

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