Microeconomics For Today (9th Edition)


Download Microeconomics For Today (9th Edition) written by Irvin B. Tucker in PDF format. This book is under the category Economics and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1305507118 / 1305631641/9781305507111 / 9781305631649. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


Now you can truly visualize economics with the most student-friendly economics textbook on the market: Irvin Tucker’s Microeconomics For Today 9th edition (PDF). Written by a national award-winning educator; MICROECONOMICS FOR TODAY 9E clearly presents concepts using a writing style that is engaging and clear; no matter what your current level of economic understanding. A unique textual and visual learning system; with colorful; interactive graphs via graph builder with progression graphs demonstrates how graphs are developed step by step; and causation chains clarify concepts.

The ebook concisely presents and reinforces core concepts; then gives opportunities to immediately assess your comprehension. You study the latest economic information on income distribution; economic growth; environmental issues; federal deficits; and other developments in economics today with an engaging; easy-to-follow format that applies principles to everyday life. Numerous printed and online study tools; including a companion website; help you further master key principles in economics today.


“I’m convinced that the higher course ratings and grades were; in large part; a result of college students’ engagement. It was an unmitigated success.”

NOTE: This only includes the Microeconomics For Today 9th edition PDF. Codes or MindTap are NOT included. We also have the MICROECONOMICS FOR TODAY 9E Testbank; instructor manual and other resources for sale. Please contact us for more info.

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Irvin B. Tucker


Cengage Learning; 9th edition




576 pages






1305507118 / 1305631641


9781305507111 / 9781305631649

Table of contents

Table of contents :
PART I:INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICS.1. Introducing the Economic Way of Thinking.Appendix: Applying Graphs to Economics.2. Production Possibilities, Opportunity Cost, and Economic Growth.PART II: MICROECONOMIC FUNDAMENTALS.3. Market Demand and Supply.Appendix: Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, and Market Efficiency.4. Markets in Action.Appendix: Applying Supply and Demand Analysis to Health Care.PART III: MACROECONOMIC FUNDAMENTALS.5. Gross Domestic Product.Appendix: A Four-Sector Circular Flow Model.6. Business Cycles and Unemployment.7. Inflation.PART IV: MACROECONOMIC THEORY AND POLICY.8. The Keynesian Model.9. The Keynesian Model in Action.10. Aggregate Demand and Supply.Appendix: The Self-Correcting Aggregate Demand and Supply Model.11. Fiscal Policy.12. The Public Sector.13. Federal Deficits, Surpluses, and the National Debt.PART V: MONEY, BANKING, AND MONETARY POLICY14. Money and the Federal Reserve System.15. Money Creation.16. Monetary Policy.Appendix: Policy Disputes Using the Self-Correcting Aggregate Demand and Supply Model.17. The Phillips Curve and Expectations Theory.PART VI: THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY.18. International Trade and Finance.19. Economies in Transition.20. Growth and the Less-Developed Countries.Appendix A: Answers to Odd-Numbered Study Questions and Problems.Appendix B: Answers to Sample Quizzes.Appendix C: Answers to Road Map Questions.

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