The Soils of the USA


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The Soils of the USA; (PDF);  gives an overview of the properties; distribution; and function of soils in the U.S.; including Hawaii; Alaska; and its Caribbean territories. It explains the history of soil surveys and pedological research in the U.S.; and offers general descriptions of the country’s geology; climate and geomorphology. For every Land Resource Region (LRR) – a geographic/ecological region of the country distinguished by its own geology; climate; soils; landscapes and agricultural practices – there is a chapter with details of the geology; climate; geomorphology; pre-settlement and present vegetation; and land use; as well as the distribution and properties of main soils including their classification; genesis; and management challenges. The final chapters focus on topics such as humans and soils; and the future challenges for soil surveys and soil science in the U.S. Maps of soil distribution; profile images; pedon descriptions; and tables of properties are included throughout the text.

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L. T. West, M. J. Singer, A. E. Hartemink


Springer; 1st edition




394 pages






3319418688; 331982452X


9783319418681/ 9783319824529

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xiv
Introduction….Pages 1-7
Concepts of Soil Formation and Soil Survey….Pages 9-27
Soil Properties and Classification (Soil Taxonomy)….Pages 29-41
Soils of the USA: The Broad Perspective….Pages 43-75
Soils of the Pacific Coast Region: LRRs A and C….Pages 77-100
Soils of the Rocky Mountain and Inland Pacific Northwest Region: LRRs B and E….Pages 101-114
Soils of the Western Range and Irrigated Land Resource Region: LRR D….Pages 115-130
Soils of the Great Plains….Pages 131-163
Southwest Plateaus and Plains Range and Cotton Region and Southwestern Prairies Cotton and Forage Region: LRRs I and J….Pages 165-190
Soils of the Northern Lake States Forest and Forage Region: LRR K….Pages 191-208
Soils of the Central Feed Grains and Livestock Region and Lake State Fruit, Truck Crop, and Dairy Region USA: LRRs M and L….Pages 209-226
East and Central Farming and Forest Region and Atlantic Basin Diversified Farming Region: LRRs N and S….Pages 227-241
Soils of the Southeastern USA: LRRs O, P, and T….Pages 243-260
Northeastern Forage and Forest Region: LRR R….Pages 261-279
Soils of Florida and the Caribbean: LRRs U and Z….Pages 281-303
Soils of Hawaii and the US Territories in the Pacific: LRRs Q and V….Pages 305-327
Soils of Alaska: LRRs W1, W2, X1, X2, and Y….Pages 329-350
Human Land-Use and Soil Change….Pages 351-371
Future Challenges for Soil Science Research, Education, and Soil Survey in the USA….Pages 373-384
Back Matter….Pages 385-394

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