A History of Human Anatomy (2nd Edition)


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Many advances in medicine and surgery can be traced back to advances in our understanding of the structure and function of the human body.
Human anatomy became an objective discipline in the sixteenth century; based on direct observation and scientific principles. Not surprisingly; the study of human anatomy has progressed to the point where it is now universally accepted and recognised as a scientific discipline necessary for the practise of modern medicine.

This updated and expanded A History of Human Anatomy 2nd edition (PDF) covers anatomy from antiquity to the present. The authors present many scholars and teachers; as well as the time periods; locations; and impact of their work; as well as controversies in anatomy and advances in the discipline; in this ebook. These topics range from early forefathers of the art to the development of techniques that have propelled anatomy study to its current state.
The authors attempted to present a broad overview of the historical anatomists and movements that shaped our current understanding of what is now known as medical anatomy. This lavishly illustrated volume covers nearly four centuries of medical history.

It was a time of spectacular achievements; with many great medical personalities living; making important anatomical discoveries; and writing impressive treatises. With so much historical anatomy literature available; the authors took a somewhat eclectic and selective approach to presenting the most important material in this work. As man continues to learn about the structure of his body with new and noninvasive technologies such as MRI; uncovering parts of the human anatomy never seen before; the study of anatomy as a scientific discipline continues indefinitely alongside the study of anatomy as a historical discipline.

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T. V. N. (Vid) Persaud, Marios Loukas, R. Shane Tubbs


Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd; 2nd edition








0398081042; 0398081050


9780398081041/ 9780398081058

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: Ancient records —
Pre Hipocratic era —
Hippocratic concepts —
Aristotle —
Alexandria —
Dawn of the Roman Empire —
Galen —
Early Middle Ages —
Mondino de Luzzi —
Leonardo da Vinci —
European Renaissance and human anatomy —
The immediate successors of Vesalius in Padua —
From Padua to Leiden —
The era of William Harvey —
Physicians, surgeons, and anatomists —
William Hunter and his legacy —
The transcendent greatness of John Hunter —
Professionalism and recognition —
Ireland and anatomy —
Scotland —
Robert Knox: honor and tragedy —
The anatomical literature —
The human body revealed —
Body snatchers and the trade in corpses —
Legislation of human dissection —
Germany —
Anatomy in the new world —
Fragments from the east —
Late 19th century —
Anatomy in the Third Reich —
The 20th century —
Anatomical societies and associations —
Modernization of anatomy curricula in medical schools.

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