Biological Inorganic Chemistry: An Introduction


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The significance of metals in biology; the environment; and medicine has become more and more evident over the last twenty-five years. The study of the numerous roles of metal ions in biological systems; the quickly expanding interface between biology and inorganic chemistry constitutes the subject called Biological Inorganic Chemistry. Crichton’s Biological Inorganic Chemistry: An Introduction; (PDF) authored by a biochemist; with long career experience in the field (particularly copper and iron) presents an introduction to this exciting and dynamic field. The ebook begins with introductory chapters; which together constitute an overview of the concepts; both biological and chemical; which are required to equip the reader for the detailed analysis which follows. Pathways of metal assimilation; storage; and transport; along with metal homeostasis are dealt with next. Afterward; individual chapters discuss the roles of sodium and potassium; magnesium; calcium; iron; copper; zinc; nickel; manganese and cobalt; and finally molybdenum; tungsten; vanadium; and chromium. The final three chapters provide a tantalizing view of the roles of metals in brain function; biomineralization; and a concise illustration of their importance in both the environment and medicine.

  • Many colour illustrations. Allows easier visualization of molecular mechanisms
  • Penned by a single author. Makes sure homogeneity of style and effective cross-referencing between chapters
  • Penned by a biochemist. Will let the reader to more readily grasp the clinical and biological relevance of the subject.
  • Relaxed and agreeable writing style. The reader will not only find the ebook easy to read; but the captivating anecdotes and footnotes will also give him pegs to hang vital ideas on.

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Robert Crichton


Elsevier Science




381 pages






0444527400; 0128117419


9780444527400/ 9780128117415

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