IoT: Building Arduino-Based Projects


Download IoT: Building Arduino-Based Projects written by Peter Waher, Pradeeka Seneviratne, Brian Russell, Drew Van Duren in EPUB format. This book is under the category Computers and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1787120635/9781787120631. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.

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With IoT: Building Arduino-Based Projects (ePub); explore and learn about the Internet of Things to develop interactive Arduino-based Internet projects

About This Book

  • Learn best practices to secure your data from device to the cloud
  • Build Internet-based Arduino devices to make your home feel more secure
  • Learn to protect cyber-physical systems and utilize forensic data analysis to beat vulnerabilities in your IoT ecosystem
  • Learn the capabilities and differences between popular protocols and communication patterns and how they can be used; and should not be used; to create secure and interoperable services and things

Who This Book Is For

If you are an electronics engineer or developer who is curious about Internet of Things (IoT); then this is the course for you. A rudimentary understanding of electronics; Raspberry Pi; or similar credit-card sized computers; and some programming experience using managed code such as Java or C# will be helpful. Business analysts and managers will also find this course useful.

What You Will Learn

  • Control infrared-enabled devices with IR remote and Arduino
  • Track locations with GPS and upload location data to the cloud
  • Implement real-time data logging of a solar panel voltage with Arduino cloud connectors
  • Know the capabilities and limitations of the UPnP; HTTP; MQTT; CoAP; and XMPP protocols
  • Measure the water flow speed and volume with liquid flow sensors and record real-time readings
  • Secure your home with motion-activated Arduino security cameras and upload images to the cloud
  • Build a portable Wi-Fi signal strength sensor to give haptic feedback about signal strength to the user
  • Use Systems Security Engineering and Privacy-by-design principles to design a secure IoT ecosystem
  • Use important communication patterns; such as the asynchronous messaging; request/respond; event subscription; publish/subscribe; and multicasting patterns

In Detail

The IoT: Building Arduino-Based Projects course will take you on a journey to become an expert in the use of IoT by developing a set of projects and finally guide you onto securing your IoT environment.

The course begins with exploring the popular HTTP; UPnP; CoAP; MQTT; and XMPP protocols. In the first module Learning Internet of Things; you will learn how protocols and patterns can put limitations on network topology and how they affect the direction of communication and the use of firewalls. This module gives you a practical overview of the existing protocols; communication patterns; architectures; and security issues important to the Internet of Things.

The second module; Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints provides you up to eight projects that will allow devices to communicate with each other; access information over the Internet; store and retrieve data; and interact with users; creating pervasive; smart; and always-connected environments. You can use these projects as blueprints for many other IoT projects and put them to good use.

It has become critical to ensure that cybersecurity threats are contained to a minimum when implementing new IoT services and solutions. Thus; our third module; Practical Internet of Things Security provides a set of guidelines to architect and deploy a secure IoT in your Enterprise. The aim is to showcase how the IoT is implemented in early adopting industries and describe how lessons can be learned and shared across diverse industries to support a secure IoT.

Style and approach

This course introduces you to the Internet of Things architecture; helps you build Arduino projects based on IoT and cloud computing concepts; create smart; pervasive and always-connected environments; and finally guide you onto securing your IoT environment. Each of these has been covered in individual modules so that you develop your skill after the completion of a module and get ready for the next.

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Peter Waher, Pradeeka Seneviratne, Brian Russell, Drew Van Duren


Packt Publishing; 1st edition




736 pages









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