Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine (2nd Edition)


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This long-awaited Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy; 2nd edition (PDF) covers all major aspects of herbal medicine from traditional use; fundamental concepts; and scientific research through to safety; effective dosage and clinical applications. Written by expert herbal practitioners with active experience in education; clinical practice; manufacturing and research; the ebook is both practical and evidence-based. The focus is always on the importance of tailoring the treatment to the individual case.

New insights are given into the herbal management of approximately 100 modern ailments; including some of the most challenging medical conditions; such as inflammatory bowel disease; asthma; and other complex inflammatory and autoimmune conditions; and there is vibrant discussion around the contribution of phytotherapy in general to modern health issues; including health ageing.

The comprehensive and authoritative modern textbook on western herbal medicine – now in its 2nd edition.

Fully referenced throughout; with more than 10;000 citations; the ebook Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine (2nd Edition) is a core resource for university students and practitioners of phytotherapy and naturopathy and will be of value to all healthcare professionals – doctors; nurses; pharmacists – with an interest in herbal therapeutics.

50 evidence-based monographs; including 7 new herbs

Rational guidance to phytotherapeutic strategies in the consulting room

Comprehensive revision of vital safety data; including an extensive herb-drug interaction chart.

New appendices provide useful information on topics such as dosage in children; herbal actions; and reading and interpreting herbal clinical trials.

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Kerry Bone, Simon Mills


Churchill Livingstone; 2nd edition




1076 pages









Table of contents

Front-matter, Pages i,iii
Dedication, Page ii
About the Authors, Page ii
Copyright, Page iv
Forewords, Pages viii-x
Prefaces, Pages xi-xii
Acknowledgments, Page xiii
List of contributors, Pages xiv-xv
Herb terminology, Page xvi
Introduction, Pages xvii-xix
Plate section, Pages xxi-xxiv
1 – Herbal therapeutic systems, Pages 3-16
2 – Principles of herbal pharmacology, Pages 17-82
3 – Principles of herbal treatment, Pages 83-88
4 – Validating herbal therapeutics, Pages 89-99
5 – Optimising safety, Pages 100-117
6 – Dosage and dosage forms in herbal medicine, Pages 121-133
7 – A systematic approach to herbal prescribing, Pages 134-139
8 – Herbal approaches to pathological states, Pages 140-182
9 – Herbal approaches to system dysfunctions, Pages 183-350
10 – How to use the monographs, Pages 353-961
Appendix A – Glossary of herbal actions, Pages 962-967
Appendix B – Toxic or potentially toxic herbs, Pages 968-969
Appendix C – Potential herb–drug interactions for commonly used herbs, Pages 970-996
Appendix D – Herbs and children: basic dosage rules, Pages 997-998
Appendix E – Herbal clinical trial papers: how to read them, Pages 999-1006
Actions index, Pages 1007-1008
Conditions index, Pages 1009-1011
General index, Pages 1012-1051

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