The Business of Venture Capital: The Art of Raising a Fund; Structuring Investments; Portfolio Management; and Exits (3rd Edition)


Download The Business of Venture Capital: The Art of Raising a Fund; Structuring Investments; Portfolio Management; and Exits (3rd Edition) written by Mahendra Ramsinghani in PDF format. This book is under the category Business and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1119639689/9781119639688. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.

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The new edition of the last word information for enterprise capital practitioners—consists of your entire course of of enterprise agency formation & administration; portfolio building; worth creation; fund-elevating; and exit methods

After its preliminary publication; The Business of Venture Capital; 3rd Edition; (PDF) has been addressed because the definitive; most complete ebook on the topic. Now in its third edition; this distinguished textbook describes the a number of options of the enterprise of enterprise capital; from elevating enterprise funds to organizing investments; making constant returns; to evaluating exit methods. Writer and VC Mahendra Ramsinghani who has invested in startups and enterprise funds for greater than a decade supplies finest practices from consultants on the entrance traces of this enterprise.

This utterly up to date edition consists of recent views on the Softbank impact; profession paths for younger professionals; cultural disasters and case research; funding fashions; epic failures; and way more. Readers are guided via each stage of the VC course of; supported by a companion web site containing instruments just like the LP-GP Fund Due Diligence Checklist and; Investment Summary format; the Investment Due Diligence Checklist; and hyperlinks to white papers and different business pointers. Designed for knowledgeable practitioners; devils; angels; and novices alike; this useful useful resource:

  • Balances technical analyses and actual-world insights
  • Explores the distinct points of portfolio building and worth creation
  • Recognizes the important thing attributes of a VC skilled and the arc of an investor’s profession
  • Features interviews; anecdotes; private tales; and knowledge from main enterprise capitalists
  • Includes the artwork of elevating a enterprise fund; figuring out anchor buyers; fund due diligence; negotiating fund funding phrases with restricted companions; and extra

The Business of Venture Capital: The Art of Raising a Fund; Structuring Investments; Portfolio Management; and Exits 3e is a should-learn ebook for anybody aiming to boost a enterprise fund or pursue a career in enterprise capital; along with working towards enterprise capitalists; angel buyers or devils alike; attorneys; begin-up entrepreneurs; restricted companions; and MBA college students.


A vital guide for any investor―one of the few ebooks that weave real-life case studies with leading academic research.” ― T.Ok. Kurien; Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer; Premji Invest

A strong foundation of investment frameworks and mental models for any venture investor; a useful guide in our rapidly changing world.” ― Beezer Clarkson; Managing Director; Sapphire Partners

Mahendra has written the ebook I needed when I first entered the venture business. Rather than blindly staggering my way to understanding the fundamentals; I would have saved so much time. This ebook is like getting a five-year head start for anyone who wants to get up to speed about how it really works.” ― Mike Maples; Jr.; Founding Partner; Floodgate

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NOTE: The product solely consists of the ebook The Business of Venture Capital third Edition in PDF. No access codes are included.

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Mahendra Ramsinghani


Wiley; 3rd edition








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Table of contents

Table of contents :
Title Page
Copyright Page
Part I The Making of a VC
Chapter 1 The Business of Cash and Carry
Introduction: An Operational Primer
Roles, Responsibilities, and Compensation
Chapter 2 Why Choose a Career in VC
Creative Construction
Intellectual Stimulation
Mentor Capitalists
Asymmetrical Rewards
Chapter 3 Attributes of Successful VCs
Strong Awareness of Tech Trends
Ability to Pick Winners
Optimism, Patience, and Stability
Ability to Learn and Grow
An Inherent Bias for Action
Chapter 4 Welcome to the Land of Ad-Venture
Roles and Responsibilities of a VC
Internships and Campus Recruitment
The Fellowship of Investors
Adjacent Entry Points
Getting Lucky — When Opportunity Meets a Prepared Mind
Chapter 5 Developing Your Investment Career
Building Your Strengths
Beware: Bias and Psychology
Chapter 6 A Business Where Enemies Accumulate 
Challenges of a VC Career
VC Career as a Calling
Chapter 7 Generational Transfer and Succession
Managing Succession – Now my work is done
The Art of Letting Go
Part II Raising Your Venture Fund
Chapter 8 LP Universe
Pension Funds
Endowments and Foundations
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Finance and Insurance Companies
Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals
Corporate Operating Funds
Comparison of Limited Partnerships
Chapter 9 LPs of Choice: Fund of Funds
Advantages of a Fund of Funds
Fund of Funds Investment Strategies
Chapter 10 How LPs Conduct Fund Due Diligence
Primary and Secondary Investment Criteria
Fund Selection Criteria
Chapter 11 Defining Your Fund’s Investment Strategy
Market Opportunity
Competitive Advantages
Case Study: Solo GP Goes Institutional
Case Study: Oversubscribed First Fund — How a $30m Fund Ended Up With Over $100m in Commitments
Case Study: Starting all Over. . .
Case Study: Who has Time for This? I Don’t Need no LPs Anymore. . .
Chapter 12 Investment Team Diligence
Evaluating Fund Managers
Team Dynamics: Stability, Skill Set, and Alignment
Chapter 13 Fund Size and Portfolio Construction
Chapter 14 Performance Analysis
Individual Performance and Attribution
Public Market Equivalents
Fund-Level Performance
Measuring Realized Returns
Self-Selection Bias: Giants Among Midgets
Chapter 15 Terms of Fund Investment: The Limited Partnership Agreement
Key Terms
Fund Financial Terms
Fund Governance Terms
What Institutional LPs Seek
Offering Sweeteners to Attract LPs: A Double-Edged Sword
Most Negotiated LP–GP Terms
Why LPs Terminate Existing Relationships
Chapter 16 The Venture Firm’s Ethos, Culture, and Values
Culture and Values
Governance of the Firm
Chapter 17 Raising Your First Fund
First Steps
Targeting LPs
Market Timing
Fit Within the LP’s Current Portfolio
Chapter 18 The Fundraising Roadshow
Overview: The Fundraising Process
Getting in the LP Door
Locking Your Anchor Investor
Sell, Sell, Sell
Should You Warehouse Portfolio Companies?
Your Biggest Fundraising Risks, and How to Manage them
Chapter 19 Why LPs Seek First-Time Funds
Creativity, Hunger, and Performance
Ranking Emerging Managers
A Futures Option
Chapter 20 Sourcing Investment Opportunities
Overview: The Sourcing Process
Proactive Sourcing
Network-Based Sourcing
Angel Networks
Commercializing University Research
Corporate Research
Trade Conferences
Investor Pitch Sessions
The Agony of Missed Opportunities
Part III Building Your Portfolio
Chapter 21 Due Diligence Cheat Sheet
Chapter 22 Diligence
The Checklist Manifesto
Tailoring Diligence by Stage
Checklists — Useful but Seldom Used
Chapter 23 Management Team Diligence: Assessing the Intangible
Values and Integrity
Can the Company Attract Giants?
Can the CEO Execute? Lambs Versus Cheetahs
Serial Entrepreneurs Versus First-Time Entrepreneurs
Bias at Work: Seeking Attractive Men
Background Checks: False MBAS and Criminal Histories
Various Approaches to Management Diligence
Chapter 24 Market, Product, and Business Model Analysis
Evaluating the Product
Assessing the Business Model
Chapter 25 Terms and Conditions Apply: The Art of Structuring Investment Transactions
The Spirit of the Term Sheet
Negotiation Stress Points
Chapter 26 Structure of the Term Sheet
Convertible Loans and Safe
Keeping Term Sheets Simple
Sample Summary Term Sheet
Chapter 27 Buy Low, Sell High: Equity Preferred Stock
Valuation Methods and Other Voodoo Arts
The Drivers of Valuation
Comparable Valuations of Similar Investments (Comps)
Discounted Cash Flow Method
Liquidation Preference
Antidilution Protections
Governance and Control: Protecting your Securities
Exit-Related Provisions
Other Important Terms
Syndicating Investments
Milestone-Based Financing: Risk Mitigation or Distraction
Chapter 28 The Closing Process: After the Term Sheet
Part IV The Art of Value Creation
Chapter 29 Serving on Boards
Legal Requirements of Board Service
Self-Education: Preparing for your Board Role
Roles and Responsibilities of a Board Member
Chapter 30 Board Culture and Orientation
Toward a Better Board Culture
On-Boarding Checklist
Chapter 31 Let Me Know How I Can Be Helpful: Value Creation
Good Governance as the First Step Toward Value Creation
The CEO’s Perspective on Venture Capitalist Value Add
Chapter 32 Challenges in the Boardroom
CEO Transitions
Best Practices in Managing CEO Transitions
Performance Challenges
Alignment on Exit
Board Evaluation
Part V Exits: Liquidity Events and Champagne
Chapter 33 Exit Strategies
Exit Options
Preconditions for an Exit
Chapter 34 Acquisitions
The Primary Path to an Exit
Putting the Company up for Sale
Deal Killers
Chapter 35 Initial Public Offering
The IPO Process: The Long and Winding Road
Steps to an IPO
IPO Underpricing and Dutch Auctions
Post IPO: Should VCs Stay Engaged?
Chapter 36 Secondary Sales

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