Understanding Ethics and Responsibilities in a Globalizing World


Download Understanding Ethics and Responsibilities in a Globalizing World written by Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda, Boleslaw Rok in PDF format. This book is under the category Business and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 3319230808; 3319794477/9783319230801/ 9783319794471. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


Understanding Ethics and Responsibilities in a Globalizing World; (PDF) considers the ethics of responsibility in a large range of meanings; consequences; and effects. It reflects the perspectives and thinking of 24 authors from all continents. All chapters are original papers shown at the Fifth World ISBEE Congress; that took place at the Kozminski University; Warsaw; Poland on 11-14 of July 2012. In this ebook; ethics; and responsibility are considered vital traits of character; not only in the governmental or business arenas but in any initiative; decision; and activity. The contributions to this ebook focus on a spectrum of terms; themes; and concepts; the global corporate social responsibilities perspective covering influences; challenges; analysis; criticism; consequences of significant topics of real-life; sustainability; international economy and regimes; poverty; corruption; and violence; among others. The ebook is intended for academics; researchers; and professionals in all continents who are devoted to Ethics; Business Ethics; Social Innovation; Corporate Social Responsibility; and Sustainability Management.

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Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda, Boleslaw Rok






450 pages






3319230808; 3319794477


9783319230801/ 9783319794471

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-viii
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Ethics and Responsibilities….Pages 3-14
Corporate Leadership in Times of Public Distrust….Pages 15-40
Front Matter….Pages 41-41
Shareholder Primacy as an Impediment to Corporate Social Responsibility….Pages 43-57
From “Free-Floating Responsibility” to Self-Responsibility CSR as Theoretical and Practical Context for Ethics….Pages 59-81
Erosion of Sovereign Control: Deliberation, ‘We-Reasoning,’ and the Legitimacy of Norms and Standards in a Globalized World….Pages 83-101
Front Matter….Pages 103-103
Morality as an Index of Mental Health of the Organization: Building a Model of Healthy Leadership….Pages 105-122
Do You Believe in Life After Work? A Noninstrumental Defense of Work–Life Balance….Pages 123-134
Sustaining the Sustainable: Creating the Culture of Sustainability….Pages 135-145
Towards Re-theorizing the Firm in Pursuit of Well-Being and Social Justice….Pages 147-167
Front Matter….Pages 169-169
CSR’s New Challenge: Corporate Political Advocacy….Pages 171-187
Countries in Transition: Ethics Is Not the Key in Their Success. Analysis of Chilean Experience….Pages 189-199
Economic Inequality as an Obstacle to Development….Pages 201-225
Front Matter….Pages 227-227
Social Responsibility as a Matter of Justice: A Proposal to Expand Business Ethics Education….Pages 229-246
Sustainability, Justice, and Virtue….Pages 247-255
Moral Reasoning and Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Business Education: A Cross-Cultural Exploration….Pages 257-281
Efforts and Achievements of Two Decades of Business Ethics Teaching and Research in Africa with a Special Reference to Kenya….Pages 283-296
Conclusion: The Future for Responsibility….Pages 297-308

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