Ways of Knowing in HCI


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Ways of Knowing in HCI (PDF) brings together both traditional and new research methods in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Research methods include observations and interviews; ethnography; grounded theory; and evaluation of digital traces of behavior. Readers will attain an understanding of the type of knowledge every method provides; its disciplinary roots; and how each contributes to understanding users; user behavior; and the perspective of use. The clear explanations; background context;  and sample exercises make this a perfect textbook for graduate students; and also a valuable reference for practitioners and researchers. ‘It is an impressive collection in terms of the level of variety and detail.’


It is an ebook about the different ways in which ‘knowing’ happens in HCI. … it is a remarkable collection in terms of the level of detail and variety. … There are numerous references in each chapter; which are good for those who want to go deeper. … this is a welcome ebook for those with an interest in HCI. It will also be helpful for any kind of research involving users and their experience.” — M. Sasikumar; Computing Reviews; December 2015

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Judith S. Olson, Wendy A. Kellogg






484 pages






1493903772; 1493944053


9781493903771/ 9781493944057

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xi
Reading and Interpreting Ethnography….Pages 1-23
Curiosity, Creativity, and Surprise as Analytic Tools: Grounded Theory Method….Pages 25-48
Knowing by Doing: Action Research as an Approach to HCI….Pages 49-68
Concepts, Values, and Methods for Technical Human–Computer Interaction Research….Pages 69-93
Study, Build, Repeat: Using Online Communities as a Research Platform….Pages 95-117
Field Deployments: Knowing from Using in Context….Pages 119-142
Science and Design: The Implications of Different Forms of Accountability….Pages 143-165
Research Through Design in HCI….Pages 167-189
Experimental Research in HCI….Pages 191-227
Survey Research in HCI….Pages 229-266
Crowdsourcing in HCI Research….Pages 267-289
Sensor Data Streams….Pages 291-321
Eye Tracking: A Brief Introduction….Pages 323-348
Understanding User Behavior Through Log Data and Analysis….Pages 349-372
Looking Back: Retrospective Study Methods for HCI….Pages 373-393
Agent Based Modeling to Inform the Design of Multiuser Systems….Pages 395-419
Social Network Analysis in HCI….Pages 421-447
Research Ethics and HCI….Pages 449-468
Epilogue….Pages 469-472

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