Architectured Materials in Nature and Engineering: Archimats


Download Architectured Materials in Nature and Engineering: Archimats written by Yuri Estrin, Yves Brechet, John Dunlop, Peter Fratzl in PDF format. This book is under the category Engineering and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 3030119416/9783030119416. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.

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This ebook; Architectured Materials in Nature and Engineering: Archimats (PDF) deals with a group of architectured materials. These are hybrid materials in which the constituents (even strongly dissimilar ones) are combined in a given geometry and topology to provide otherwise conflicting properties. The hybridization presented in the ebook occurs at various levels – from the molecular to the macroscopic (say; sub-centimeter) ones. This monograph represents a collection of programmatic chapters; defining archimats and summarizing the results obtained by using the geometry-inspired materials design.

The area of architectured or geometry-inspired materials has reached a certain level of maturity and visibility for a comprehensive presentation in book form. It is written by a group of authors who are active researchers working on various aspects of architectured materials. Through its 14 chapters; the ebook provides definitions and descriptions of the archetypes of architectured materials and addresses the various techniques in which they can be optimized; designed; and manufactured. It covers a broad realm of archimats; from the ones occurring in nature to those that have been engineered; and discusses a range of their possible applications. The book provides inspiring and scientifically profound; yet entertaining; reading for the materials science community and beyond.


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Yuri Estrin, Yves Brechet, John Dunlop, Peter Fratzl






452 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-xix
Microtruss Composites (Khaled Abu Samk, Glenn D. Hibbard)….Pages 1-21
Topological Interlocking Materials (A. V. Dyskin, Yuri Estrin, E. Pasternak)….Pages 23-49
Architectured Materials with Inclusions Having Negative Poisson’s Ratio or Negative Stiffness (E. Pasternak, A. V. Dyskin)….Pages 51-87
Computational Homogenization of Architectured Materials (Justin Dirrenberger, Samuel Forest, Dominique Jeulin)….Pages 89-139
Design Methods for Architectured Materials (F. X. Kromm, H. Wargnier)….Pages 141-171
Topological Optimization with Interfaces (N. Vermaak, G. Michailidis, A. Faure, G. Parry, R. Estevez, F. Jouve et al.)….Pages 173-193
Friction Stir Processing for Architectured Materials (Aude Simar, Marie-Noëlle Avettand-Fènoël)….Pages 195-229
Severe Plastic Deformation as a Way to Produce Architectured Materials (Yan Beygelzimer, Roman Kulagin, Yuri Estrin)….Pages 231-255
Architectured Polymeric Materials Produced by Additive Manufacturing (Andrey Molotnikov, George P. Simon, Yuri Estrin)….Pages 257-285
Mechanics of Arthropod Cuticle-Versatility by Structural and Compositional Variation (Yael Politi, Benny Bar-On, Helge-Otto Fabritius)….Pages 287-327
The Multiscale Architectures of Fish Bone and Tessellated Cartilage and Their Relation to Function (Ronald Seidel, Aravind K. Jayasankar, Ron Shahar, Mason N. Dean)….Pages 329-353
Insect-Inspired Distributed Flow-Sensing: Fluid-Mediated Coupling Between Sensors (Gijs J. M. Krijnen, Thomas Steinmann, Ram K. Jaganatharaja, Jérôme Casas)….Pages 355-392
Architectured Materials in Building Energy Efficiency (Bernard Yrieix)….Pages 393-421
Topological Interlocking Blocks for Architecture: From Flat to Curved Morphologies (Giuseppe Fallacara, Maurizio Barberio, Micaela Colella)….Pages 423-445
Back Matter ….Pages 447-452

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