Essentials of Sociology (7th Edition)


Download Essentials of Sociology (7th Edition) written by Richard P. Appelbaum, Deborah Carr, Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier in PDF format. This book is under the category Sociology and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 0393674088; 0393674096; 0393428036/9780393674088/ 9780393674095/ 9780393428032. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


Drawing on chopping-edge analysis; up-to-the-minute examples; and the most recent information; Essentials of Sociology; 7th Edition; (PDF) powerfully exhibits how a sociological creativeness could make us extra caring members of our social world; higher residents; and extra helpful future employees. (NEW) “Employing Your Sociological Imagination” consists of the sensible worth of sociology to a variety of careers. Extensive pedagogy assists sociology college students not solely succeed within the course but additionally develop the talents required for all times past school. This buy provides access to digital ebooks solely.

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Richard P. Appelbaum, Deborah Carr, Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier


W. W. Norton – Company; 7th edition










0393674088; 0393674096; 0393428036


9780393674088/ 9780393674095/ 9780393428032

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Publisher’s Notice
Halftitle Page
Recent Sociology Titles from W. W. Norton
Title Page
Copyright Page
Chapter 1: Sociology: Theory and Method
What Is the “Sociological Imagination”?
What Theories Do Sociologists Use?
What Kinds of Questions Can Sociologists Answer?
What Are the Steps of the Research Process?
What Research Methods Do Sociologists Use?
What Ethical Dilemmas Do Sociologists Face?
How Does the Sociological Imagination Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 2: Culture and Society
What Is Culture?
How Does Human Culture Develop?
What Happened to Premodern Societies?
How Has Industrialization Shaped Modern Society?
How Does Globalization Affect Contemporary Culture?
The Big Picture
Chapter 3: Socialization, the Life Course, and Aging
How Are Children Socialized?
What Are the Five Major Stages of the Life Course?
How Do People Age?
What Are the Challenges of Aging in the U.S.?
The Big Picture
Chapter 4: Social Interaction and Everyday Life in the Age of the Internet
What Is Social Interaction and Why Study It?
How Do We Manage Impressions in Daily Life?
What Rules Guide How We Communicate with Others?
How Do Time and Space Affect Our Interactions?
How Do the Rules of Social Interaction Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 5: Groups, Networks, and Organizations
What Are Social Groups?
How Do We Benefit from Social Networks?
How Do Organizations Function?
Is Bureaucracy an Outdated Model?
How Do Organizations and Groups Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 6: Deviance, Crime, and Punishment
What Is Deviance?
Why Do People Commit Deviant Acts?
How Do We Document Crime?
Who Are the Perpetrators?
What Were the Causes and Costs of the Great Crime Decline?
How Do Crime and Deviance Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 7: Stratification, Class, and Inequality
What Is Social Stratification?
How Is Social Class Defined in the United States?
What Are the Causes and Consequences of Social Inequality in the United States?
How Does Poverty Affect Individuals?
How Does Social Inequality Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 8: Global Inequality
What Is Global Inequality?
What Is Daily Life Like in Rich vs. Poor Countries?
Can Poor Countries Become Rich?
How Do Sociological Theories Explain Global Inequality?
What Does Rapid Globalization Mean for the Future of Global Inequality?
The Big Picture
Chapter 9: Gender Inequality
Are Gender Differences Due to Nature, Nurture, or Both?
How Do Gender Inequalities Play Out in Social Institutions?
Why Are Women the Target of Violence?
How Does Social Theory Explain Gender Inequality?
How Can We Reduce Gender-Based Aggression?
The Big Picture
Chapter 10: Race, Ethnicity, and Racism
What Are Race and Ethnicity?
Why Do Racial and Ethnic Antagonism Exist?
How Does Racism Operate in American Society Today?
What Are the Origins and Nature of Ethnic Diversity in the United States?
How Do Race and Ethnicity Affect the Life Chances of Different Groups?
How Do Sociologists Explain Racial Inequality?
The Big Picture
Chapter 11: Families and Intimate Relationships
How Do Sociological Theories Characterize Families?
How Have Families Changed over Time?
What Do Marriage and Family in the United States Look like Today?
Why Does Family Violence Happen?
How Do New Family Forms Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 12: Education and Religion
Why Are Education and Literacy So Important?
What Is the Link between Education and Inequality?
How Do Sociologists Think about Religion?
How Does Religion Affect Life throughout the World?
How Does Religion Affect Your Life in the United States?
The Big Picture
Chapter 13: Politics and Economic Life
How Did the State Develop?
How Do Democracies Function?
What Is the Social Significance of Work?
What Are Key Elements of the Modern Economy?
How Does Work Affect Everyday Life Today?
The Big Picture
Chapter 14: The Sociology of the Body: Health, Illness, and Sexuality
How Do Social Contexts Affect the Human Body?
How Do Sociologists Understand Health and Illness?
How Do Social Factors Affect Health and Illness?
How Do Social Contexts Shape Sexual Behavior?
The Big Picture
Chapter 15: Urbanization, Population, and the Environment
How Do Cities Develop and Evolve?
How Do Rural, Suburban, and Urban Life Differ in the United States?
How Does Urbanization Affect Life across the Globe?
What Are the Forces behind World Population Growth?
How Do Environmental Changes Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture
Chapter 16: Globalization in a Changing World
How Does Globalization Affect Social Change?
Why Does Terrorism Seem to Be on the Rise in the World Today?
What Are Social Movements?
What Factors Contribute to Globalization?
How Does Globalization Affect Your Life?
The Big Picture

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