From Moral Theology to Moral Philosophy: Cicero and Visions of Humanity from Locke to Hume


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The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries replicate a interval of exceptional mental vitality in British philosophy; as personalities akin to Hobbes; Hume; Locke; and Smith tried to clarify the origins and supporting mechanisms of civil society. Their insights proceed to educate how political and ethical theorists take into consideration the world through which we dwell. From Moral Theology to Moral Philosophy; (PDF) reconstructs a debate that involved contemporaries however which appears unfathomable to us right now. It involved the affiliation between motive and revelation as the 2 sources of mankind’s data; primarily within the moral realm: to what extent; they requested; may motive alone discover the content material and compulsory character of morality? This was held to be a historic; as a substitute of solely a theoretical query: had the philosophers of pre-Christian historic instances; ignorant of Christ; been ready fairly to clarify the ethical universe? What half had pure theology performed of their moral theories – and was it harmonious with the teachings delivered by revelation? Much up to date scholarship has drawn consideration to the early-trendy curiosity in two late Hellenistic philosophical traditions – Epicureanism and Stoicism. Still within the English context; three figures above all – Conyers Middleton; John Locke; and David Hume – fairly intentionally and brazenly recognized their approaches with Cicero because the image of an alternate philosophical custom; crucial of each the Stoic and the Epicurean: educational skepticism. All debated that Cicero supplied a method of addressing what they thought of to be probably the most urgent query confronting up to date philosophy: the connection between ethical philosophy and ethical theology.


In this rigorous; persuasive; and highly accomplished ebook; Tim Stuart-Buttle sets out to discover and bring to the fore a crucial but neglected feature of the history of moral philosophy in Britain from John Locke to David Hume: the evolution of an entirely secular moral philosophy which came to both separate itself from; and in turn repudiate; the moral theology from which it was derived. Organizing a dazzling array of thinkers and sources; which are brought to bear in a notably focused and unified historical narrative; this monograph comprises one of the major achievements of recent intellectual history; and provides a substantial advance in our understanding of early modern moral philosophy.” — Paul Sagar; History of European Ideas

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Tim Stuart-Buttle


OUP Oxford




287 pages






0198835582; 0192572539; 0192572520


9780198835585/ 9780192572530/ 9780192572523

Table of contents

Table of contents :
1. The Place of Cicero in Locke’s Moral Theology
2. Shaftesbury’s Science of Happiness
3. Mandeville and the Construction of Morality
4. At the Limits of Christian Humanism: Conyers Middleton
5. From Moral Theology to Moral Philosophy: Hume’s Academic Scepticism

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