Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (7th Edition)


Download Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (7th Edition) written by Raymond Noe, John Hellenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick Wright in PDF format. This book is under the category Business and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 9781259686702; 1260125386; 1259852636/9781259686702/ 9781260125382/ 9781259852633. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.


Fundamentals of Human Resource Management; 7th Edition; (PDF) offers a complete introduction to human resource management for the general business manager who wishes to learn more about how HRM is used in the daily work environment. Its adaptive learning program and its applied; focused and engaging content make it the fastest growing HRM program on the market.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Human Resource Environment

Chapter 1: Managing Human Resources

Chapter 2: Trends in Human Resource Management

Chapter 3: Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace

Chapter 4: Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs

Part 2: Acquiring; Training; and Developing Human Resources

Chapter 5: Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources

Chapter 6: Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs

Chapter 7: Training Employees speediest

Chapter 8: Developing Employees for Future Success

Part 3: Assessing and Improving Performance

Chapter 9: Creating and Maintaining High-Performance Organizations

Chapter 10: Managing Employees’ Performance

Chapter 11: Separating and Retaining Employees

Part 4: Compensating Human Resources

Chapter 12: Establishing a Pay Structure

Chapter 13: Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay

Chapter 14: Providing Employee Benefits

Part 5: Meeting Other HR Goals

Chapter 15: Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations

Chapter 16: Managing Human Resources Globally

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Raymond Noe, John Hellenbeck, Barry Gerhart, Patrick Wright


McGraw-Hill Higher Education; 7th edition




576 pages






9781259686702; 1260125386; 1259852636


9781259686702/ 9781260125382/ 9781259852633

Table of contents

Table of contents :
fundamentals ofHuman Resource Management
About the Authors
Brief Contents
Part 1 The Human Resource Environment
1 Managing Human Resources
Human Resources and Company Performance
Responsibilities of Human Resource Departments
Analyzing and Designing Jobs
Recruiting and Hiring Employees
Training and Developing Employees
Managing Performance
Best Practices How Abbott Laboratories Creates a Healthy Business
Planning and Administering Pay and Benefits
Maintaining Positive Employee Relations
Establishing and Administering Personnel Policies
HR How To Making Analytics Useful and Relevant
Managing and Using Human Resource Data
Ensuring Compliance with Labor Laws
Supporting the Organization’s Strategy
Skills of HRM Professionals
HR Oops! HR Isn’t Just Paperwork
HR Responsibilities of Supervisors
Ethics in Human Resource Management
Did You Know? Employees Care about Employers’ Reputations
Employee Rights
Standards for Ethical Behavior
Careers in Human Resource Management
HRM Social SHRM’s Presence on Social Media
Organization of This Book
THINKING ETHICALLY How Should an Employer Weigh Conflicting Values?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: How “Good Things Happen to Costco”
Managing Talent: Ingersoll Rand’s Problem-Solving Approach to HRM
HR in Small Business: Network Is the Key to HRM at 1ollision
2 Trends in Human Resource Management
Change in the Labor Force
An Aging Workforce
A Diverse Workforce
Skill Deficiencies of the Workforce
High-Performance Work Systems
Knowledge Workers
Employee Empowerment
HRM Social Glassdoor Opens the Way to Better Communication
Focus on Strategy
Mergers and Acquisitions
HR Oops! Out-of-Focus HRM
High-Quality Standards
Cost Control
Best Practices Outsourcing Sweetens Bottom Line for Land O’Lakes
Expanding into Global Markets
Technological Change in HRM
Electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM)
Sharing of Human Resource Information
HR How To HR Services Go Mobile
Change in the Employment Relationship
A Psychological Contract
Did You Know? Half of U.S. Employees Interested in Changing Jobs
Declining Union Membership
thinking ethically How Should Employers Protect Their Data on Employees’ Devices?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: Paychex Keeps People by Helping Them Retire
Managing Talent: Netflix Treats Workers “Like Adults”
HR in Small Business: New Belgium Brews Success through Employee Ownership
3 Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace
Regulation of Human Resource Management
Equal Employment Opportunity
Constitutional Amendments
Executive Orders
The Government’s Role in Providing for Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)
Businesses’ Role in Providing for Equal Employment Opportunity
Avoiding Discrimination
HRM Social Using Social Media in Hiring Poses Discrimination Risk
Providing Reasonable Accommodation
HR Oops! Disability Inclusion Still Falling Short of Ideals
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Valuing Diversity
HR How To Establishing Practices for Valuing Diversity
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act)
General and Specific Duties
Enforcement of the OSH Act
Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Impact of the OSH Act
Employer-Sponsored Safety and Health Programs
Identifying and Communicating Job Hazards
Best Practices Construction Industry Tries to Prevent Falls
Reinforcing Safe Practices
Promoting Safety Internationally
Did You Know? Top 10 Causes of Workplace Injuries
THINKING ETHICALLY Is It Ethical to Discriminate Against the Unemployed?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: Keeping Sprint’s Subcontractors Safe
Managing Talent: Walmart’s Struggle to Manage Diversity and Safety on a Grand Scale
HR in Small Business: Airbnb Tackles the High-Tech Diversity Challenge
4 Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs
Work Flow in Organizations
Work Flow Analysis
Work Flow Design and an Organization’s Structure
HR Oops! Workers Often Lack Resources to Do Their Jobs
Job Analysis
Job Descriptions
Job Specifications
Sources of Job Information
Position Analysis Questionnaire
Fleishman Job Analysis System
Analyzing Teamwork
Importance of Job Analysis
HRM Social With Effective Analysis, Work Isn’t Just a Game
Competency Models
Trends in Job Analysis
Job Design
Designing Efficient Jobs
Designing Jobs That Motivate
Best Practices Analytics Drive Success at UPS
HR How To Planning for Workplace Flexibility
Designing Ergonomic Jobs
Did You Know? Health Care Workers Need Ergonomic Job Design
Designing Jobs That Meet Mental Capabilities and Limitations
THINKING ETHICALLY How Can You Ethically Design a Dangerous Job?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: How Google Searches for the Right Job Requirements
Managing Talent: Uber’s Flexible Jobs Drive Rapid Expansion
HR in Small Business: Blink UX Takes a Hard Look at Work Design
Part 2 Acquiring, Training, and Developing Human Resources
5 Planning for and Recruiting Human Resources
The Process of Human Resource Planning
Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
HR Oops! Lean and Mean Continues to Hurt Walmart
HR How To Using Temporary Employees and Contractors
Implementing and Evaluating the HR Plan
Applying HR Planning to Affirmative Action
Best Practices Year Up’s Fix for the Talent Gap
Recruiting Human Resources
Personnel Policies
Did You Know? Leaders Favor Internal Opportunities
Recruitment Sources
Internal Sources
External Sources
HRM Social Effective Talent Searches via Social Networks
Evaluating the Quality of a Source
Recruiter Traits and Behaviors
Characteristics of the Recruiter
Behavior of the Recruiter
Enhancing the Recruiter’s Impact
THINKING ETHICALLY Is Something Wrong with a Mutual Agreement Not to “Steal” Employees?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: SAP Embraces Workers with Autism
Managing Talent: Boeing’s High-Flying Approach to HR Planning and Recruitment
HR in Small Business: GenMet’s Design for Constructing a 21st-Century Workforce
6 Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs
Selection Process
Ability to Generalize
Practical Value
Did You Know? Hiring Decisions Affect the Bottom Line
Legal Standards for Selection
Job Applications and Résumés
HR How To Using Data Analytics to Support Fair Hiring Decisions
Application Forms
Background Checks
HRM Social Conducting Background Checks via Social Media
Employment Tests and Work Samples
Physical Ability Tests
Cognitive Ability Tests
Best Practices St. Joseph Health Matches Physical Abilities to Job Requirements
Job Performance Tests and Work Samples
Personality Inventories
Honesty Tests and Drug Tests
Medical Examinations
Interviewing Techniques
Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviewing
Preparing to Interview
Selection Decisions
How Organizations Select Employees
Communicating the Decision
HR Oops! Red Flags during Job Interviews
THINKING ETHICALLY What Is an Employer’s Ethical Duty to Check Facts?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: How Gild Creates Golden Opportunities for Underappreciated Workers
Managing Talent: How Marriott Hires People Who Put People First
HR in Small Business: Strategic Hiring at Skookum Digital Works
7 Training Employees
Training Linked to Organizational Needs
Best Practices A Strategic Approach to Learning at ConAgra Foods
Needs Assessment
Organization Analysis
Person Analysis
Task Analysis
Readiness for Training
Employee Readiness Characteristics
Work Environment
Planning the Training Program
Objectives of the Program
In-House or Contracted Out?
Did You Know? Training Tasks Outsourced by Many Companies
Choice of Training Methods
Training Methods
Classroom Instruction
Audiovisual Training
Computer-Based Training
HR How To Using Wearable Technology to Support Training
On-the-Job Training
Business Games and Case Studies
Behavior Modeling
Experiential Programs
Team Training
Action Learning
Implementing the Training Program
Principles of Learning
Transfer of Training
HRM Social Pinterest Provides Social Learning with Visual Impact
Measuring the Results of Training
Evaluation Methods
Applying the Evaluation
Applications of Training
Orientation and Onboarding of New Employees
HR Oops! Measurement of Training Effectiveness Earns a Bad Grade
Diversity Training
THINKING ETHICALLY Internships: Opportunity or Exploitation?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: Goodyear’s Training Helps Keep Workers Safe
Managing Talent: Huntington Ingalls Builds a Workforce to Do “Hard Stuff”
HR in Small Business: Zeigler Auto Group Drives Growth by Training Its People
8 Developing Employees for Future Success
Training, Development, and Career Management
Development and Training
Development for Careers
Best Practices How KPMG Develops for the Future
Approaches to Employee Development
Formal Education
Job Experiences
Interpersonal Relationships
HRM Social Using Social Media for Career Development
HR How To Coaching Employees
Systems for Career Management
Data Gathering
HR Oops! Seeing No Route Up, Employees Head Out
Goal Setting
Action Planning and Follow-Up
Development-Related Challenges
The Glass Ceiling
Did You Know? A Ceiling above the Glass Ceiling
Succession Planning
Dysfunctional Managers
THINKING ETHICALLY Should Companies Tell Employees They Have “High Potential”?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: Taking Care of Employees Helps the Patent Office Serve the Public
Managing Talent: P&G Stumbles at Succession Management
HR in Small Business: How Service Express Serves Employees First
Part 3 Assessing and Improving Performance
9 Creating and Maintaining High-Performance Organizations
High-Performance Work Systems
Elements of a High-Performance Work System
HR How To Reward High Performance
Outcomes of a High-Performance Work System
Conditions That Contribute to High Performance
Teamwork and Empowerment
Knowledge Sharing
HRM Social Social-Media Tools Can Support Knowledge Sharing
Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement
Did You Know? Only One-Third of U.S. Workers Describe Themselves as Engaged
HRM’s Contribution to High Performance
HRM Practices
HR Oops! Few Companies Are Prepared for Future Talent Needs
HRM Technology
HRM Applications
Human Resource Information Systems
Human Resource Management Online: E-HRM
Effectiveness of Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management Audits
Analyzing the Effect of HRM Programs
Best Practices Analytics Delivers Engagement to Echo Global Logistics
THINKING ETHICALLY How Can—and Should—Organizations Measure Ethics Performance?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: The Container Store Continues to Put Employees First
Managing Talent: How Adobe’s People and Rewards Contribute to High Performance
HR in Small Business: Tasty Catering Serves Up Employee-Friendly Culture
10 Managing Employees’ Performance
The Process of Performance Management
Purposes of Performance Management
Criteria for Effective Performance Management
HR Oops! Unclear Expectations
Methods for Measuring Performance
Making Comparisons
Rating Individuals
Did You Know? Top Metrics in Performance Appraisals
Measuring Results
Total Quality Management
Sources of Performance Information
HRM Social Crowdsourcing Performance Reviews
Errors in Performance Measurement
Types of Rating Errors
Ways to Reduce Errors
Political Behavior in Performance Appraisals
Giving Performance Feedback
Best Practices Medtronic Accelerates Performance Management
Scheduling Performance Feedback
Preparing for a Feedback Session
Conducting the Feedback Session
HR How To Discussing Employee Performance
Finding Solutions to Performance Problems
Legal and Ethical Issues in Performance Management
Legal Requirements for Performance Management
Electronic Monitoring and Employee Privacy
THINKING ETHICALLY What Are the Ethical Boundaries of Tracking Employee Activities?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: REI’s Purpose Drives Its Performance Management
Managing Talent: Deloitte’s Design for More Strategic Performance Management
HR in Small Business: Retrofit’s Mobile Performance Management
11 Separating and Retaining Employees
Managing Voluntary and Involuntary Turnover
Employee Separation
Principles of Justice
Legal Requirements
Progressive Discipline
HRM Social Using Social-Media Data to Gauge Employee Satisfaction
Alternative Dispute Resolution
HR How To Delivering Bad News
Employee Assistance Programs
Outplacement Counseling
Employee Engagement
Did You Know? Employees Are More Engaged at Profitable Companies
Job Withdrawal
Job Dissatisfaction
Behavior Change
Physical Job Withdrawal
HR Oops! Employees Say Anything to Stay Away from Work
Psychological Withdrawal
Job Satisfaction
Personal Dispositions
Tasks and Roles
Supervisors and Co-Workers
Pay and Benefits
Best Practices At Quicken Loans, Employees Are the Most Valuable Asset
Monitoring Job Satisfaction
THINKING ETHICALLY Is It Ethical to Fire by Text Message?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: Yahoo’s Struggle to Get Employees Cheering
Managing Talent: Genentech: A Dream Employer for Scientists
HR in Small Business: Happy Employees the Key to Radio Flyer’s Success
Part 4 Compensating Human Resources
12 Establishing a Pay Structure
Decisions about Pay
Legal Requirements for Pay
Equal Employment Opportunity
Minimum Wage
HR Oops! A Persistent Pay Gap
Overtime Pay
Child Labor
Prevailing Wages
Economic Influences on Pay
Product Markets
Labor Markets
Pay Level: Deciding What to Pay
Did You Know? The Highest-Paid Occupations
Gathering Information about Market Pay
Employee Judgments about Pay Fairness
Judging Fairness
HR How To BLS Website Good Source for Wage Data
Communicating Fairness
HRM Social Talking Pay on Twitter
Job Structure: Relative Value of Jobs
Pay Structure: Putting It All Together
Pay Rates
Pay Grades
Pay Ranges
Best Practices Parkland Health Rethinks Entry-Level Pay Rates
Pay Differentials
Alternatives to Job-Based Pay
Pay Structure and Actual Pay
Current Issues Involving Pay Structure
Pay during Military Duty
Pay for Executives
THINKING ETHICALLY Is Pay Disparity in the Fast-Food Business Ethical?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: IKEA Tries to Provide a Living Wage
Managing Talent: How Target Is Aiming for Competitive Wages
HR in Small Business:’s No-Haggle Approach to Compensation
13 Recognizing Employee Contributions with Pay
Incentive Pay
Did You Know? Merit Pay Is Key to Retaining Workers
Pay for Individual Performance
Piecework Rates
Standard Hour Plans
Merit Pay
Performance Bonuses
Sales Commissions
Pay for Group Performance
Best Practices Why Wheelers Chevrolet Drove Away from Commissions
Group Bonuses and Team Awards
Pay for Organizational Performance
Profit Sharing
Stock Ownership
HR Oops! Thanks, but We’d Rather Have Cash
Balanced Scorecard
HRM Social Scoring Social Influence
Processes That Make Incentives Work
HR How To Rewarding Workers When Raises Are Not an Option
Participation in Decisions
Incentive Pay for Executives
Performance Measures for Executives
Ethical Issues
THINKING ETHICALLY Can Incentives Promote Ethics?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: At Rhino Foods, Incentive Pay Is a Sign of Respect
Managing Talent: Employees Are Getting a Bite of Apple’s Stock
HR in Small Business: Chobani Founder Plans to Share the Wealth
14 Providing Employee Benefits
The Role of Employee Benefits
Benefits Required by Law
Social Security
Unemployment Insurance
Workers’ Compensation
Unpaid Family and Medical Leave
Health Care Benefits
HR How To Keeping Up with the Health Care Laws
Optional Benefits Programs
Paid Leave
Group Insurance
HRM Social Get Social to Get Healthy
Retirement Plans
Best Practices How Microsoft Made Financial Health Contagious
“Family-Friendly” Benefits
Other Benefits
Selecting Employee Benefits
The Organization’s Objectives
Employees’ Expectations and Values
Benefits’ Costs
HR Oops! No Clue about Wellness ROI
Legal Requirements for Employee Benefits
Tax Treatment of Benefits
Antidiscrimination Laws
Accounting Requirements
Communicating Benefits to Employees
Did You Know? Benefits Are Important to Employees
THINKING ETHICALLY Should All Employees Pay the Same Amount for Health Insurance?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: The Starbucks Way to Get an Education
Managing Talent: Credit Suisse’s Investment in Young Workers
HR in Small Business: Why Kickstarter Kicked Out Unlimited Vacation
Part 5 Meeting Other HR Goals
15 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
Role of Unions and Labor Relations
National and International Unions
Local Unions
Trends in Union Membership
Unions in Government
Did You Know? Profile of a Typical Union Worker
Impact of Unions on Company Performance
Goals of Management, Labor Unions, and Society
Management Goals
Best Practices Desire for Jobs Unites Lear and United Auto Workers
Labor Union Goals
Societal Goals
Laws and Regulations Affecting Labor Relations
National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
HR How To Tips for Avoiding Unfair Labor Practices
Laws Amending the NLRA
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
HRM Social Protecting Employees’ Right to Free Speech
Union Organizing
The Process of Organizing
Management Strategies
Union Strategies
Decertifying a Union
Collective Bargaining
Bargaining over New Contracts
When Bargaining Breaks Down
Work Stoppages
Contract Administration
HR Oops! Getting Heavy-Handed with Arbitration
New Approaches to Labor Relations
Labor-Management Cooperation
Nonunion Representation Systems
THINKING ETHICALLY Free Ride or Free Speech?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: The SEIU’s “Fight for 15” Campaign Rolls On
Managing Talent: Verizon Compromises after Workers Strike
HR in Small Business: Huffington Post Accepts Collective Bargaining
16 Managing Human Resources Globally
HRM in a Global Environment
Employees in an International Workforce
Employers in the Global Marketplace
Best Practices How Etihad Airways Charts a Course to Global Service
Factors Affecting HRM in International Markets
HR Oops! Cross-Cultural Management Blunders
Education and Skill Levels
Economic System
Political-Legal System
Human Resource Planning in a Global Economy
Selecting Employees in a Global Labor Market
Training and Developing a Global Workforce
Training Programs for an International Workforce
Cross-Cultural Preparation
Global Employee Development
HRM Social Online Communities Support Expats’ Spouses
Performance Management across National Boundaries
Compensating an International Workforce
Pay Structure
Incentive Pay
Employee Benefits
International Labor Relations
Managing Expatriates
Selecting Expatriate Managers
Preparing Expatriates
HR How To Meeting the Need for Management Talent
Managing Expatriates’ Performance
Compensating Expatriates
Did You Know? The Most Expensive Cities Are Distributed over Three Continents
Helping Expatriates Return Home
THINKING ETHICALLY What Do Employers Owe LGBT Employees in Expat Assignments?
Key Terms
Review and Discussion Questions
Taking Responsibility: Trying to Breathe in Beijing
Managing Talent: Global Mindset Provides Competitive Advantage for Renault-Nissan
HR in Small Business: How 99designs Created a Global Enterprise with Just a Few Employees
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