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Gear Cutting Tools: Fundamentals of Design and Computation; 2nd Edition; presents the DG/K-based method of surface generation; a practical mathematical method for designing gear cutting tools with optimal parameters. The PDF textbook address gear cutting tool evolution; and proceeds to scientific classification for all types of gear machining meshes before discussing optimal cutting tool designs. Designs currently used and those being planned are covered; and the approach allows for development of scientific predictions and optimal designs. Solutions appear in analytical form and/or graphical form; with a wealth of new figures added; and new appendices offer additional data for readers.

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Stephen P. Radzevich


CRC Press; 2nd edition (October 13; 2017)









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: Part I: Basics. Gears: Geometry of the Tooth Flanks. Principal Kinematics of Gear Machining Operations. Kinematics of Continuously Indexing Methods of Gear Machining Processes. Elements of Coordinate Systems Transformations. Part II: Form Gear Cutting Tools. Gear Broaching Tools. Generating Surface of a Gear Broach. Cutting Edges of the Sharpening of Gear Broaches. A Concept of Precision Gear Broaching Tool for Machining Involute Gears. End-Type Gear Milling Cutters. Disk-Type Gear Milling Cutters. Cutting Edges of the Disk-Type Gear Milling Cutters. Nontraditional Methods of Gear Machining with Form Cutting Tools. Part III: Cutting Tools for Gear Generating Parallel-Axis Gear Machining Mesh Kinematics of the Parallel-Axis Gear Machining Mesh. Rack Cutters for Planing of Gears. Generating Surface of Rack Cutter. Cutting Edges of the Rack Cutter. Profiling of the Rack Cutters. Cutting Edge Geometry of the Rack Cutter Chip Thickness Cut by Cutting Edges of the Rack Cutter Tooth. Accuracy of the Machined Gear. Application of the Rack Cutters. Gear Shaper Cutters I: External Gear Machining Mesh.Kinematics of Gear Shaping Operation. Generating Surface of Gear Shaper Cutter. Cutting Edges of the Shaper Cutter. Profiling of Shaper Cutters. Gear Shaper Cutters II: Internal Gear Machining Mesh. Kinematics of Shaping Operation of an Internal Gear Design of Shaper Cutters -Part IV: Cutting Tools for Gear Generation. Intersecting-Axis Gear Machining Mesh. Gear Shapers with Tilted Axis of Rotation. Kinematics of Gear Shaping Operation with the Shaping Cutters Having Tilted Axis of Rotation. Gear Cutting Tools for Machining Bevel Gears. Gear Shaper Cutters Having Tilted Axis of Rotation: Internal Gear Machining Mesh. Part V: CUTTING TOOLS FOR GENERATING OF GEARS: Spatial Gear Machining Mesh. Section V-A: Design of Gear Cutting Tools: External Gear Machining Mesh. Generating Surface of the Gear Cutting Tool. Hobs for Machining Gears. Gear Shaving Cutters. Examples of Implementation of the Classification of Kinds of the Gear Machining Meshes. Section V-B: Design of Gear Cutting Tools: Quasi-Planar Gear Machining Mesh. Gear Cutting Tools for Machining Bevel Gears. Section V-C: Internal Work-Gear to Cutting Tool Mesh. Gear Cutting Tools Featuring Enveloping Generating Surface. Gear Cutting Tools for Machining Internal Gears. Conclusion. Appendices. References. Index

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