Human Resources Management in China: Cases in HR Practice


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Intended for folks in administration and Human Resources in China; Human Resources Management in China; (PDF) is a compilation of authentic and researched case research on a wide range of HR points taking place in Chinese organisations; each privately-owned and a part of multi-nationwide enterprises; and the way these points are solved by administration. The influences of the solutions in the organizations are additionally mentioned. Preceded by a concise evaluation of the Chinese and Western literature on this downside; the case is then provided and concluded by an evaluation of the conditions and solutions applied.

  • Grounded on authentic analysis; carried out in-the-discipline
  • Presents precise case-research based mostly on precise organisations
  • Incorporates a theoretical perspective and evaluation of the instances to assist in a broad understanding of the problems mentioned

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Doug Davies, Liang Wei


Chandos Publishing




226 pages






1843345528; 0857091484; 0081017146


9781843345527/ 9780857091482/ 9780081017142/ 9781780632223

Table of contents

Front matter, Pages i-iii,v
Copyright, Page vi
About the authors, Page xv
Acknowledgements, Page xvii
List of figures and tables, Page xix
1 – Introduction, Pages 1-5, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
2 – Succession planning in the Chinese subsidiary of a multinational enterprise, Pages 7-23, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
3 – Staffing issues in a furniture exporting organisation in Ningbo, Pages 25-37, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
4 – Human resource problems at the US Vehicles motor factory in central China, Pages 39-50, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
5 – Management and staffing at a start-up regional airlines company, Pages 51-61, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
6 – Human resource problems during a merger and acquisition, Pages 63-75, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
7 – The compensation system reform of the multi-purpose workgroup in a heat-treatment workshop, Pages 77-82, Xie Yuhua
8 – The balanced scorecard in the Credit Card Association of China, Pages 83-107, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
9 – Staff turnover in a pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Pages 109-118, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
10 – Staff retention in the hotel industry, Pages 119-127, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
11 – Human resource problems in a high-tech business incubator, Pages 129-138, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
12 – Staff retention, motivation and commitment at the China Electrical Components organisation, Pages 139-149, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
13 – Remuneration and retention in a privately-owned technology company, Pages 151-161, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
14 – Organisational change at a multinational gas corporation in Shanghai, Pages 163-174, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
15 – Compensation strategies as a motivational and retention tool, Pages 175-183, Davies Doug, Liang Wei, Zhang Xinyan
16 – Performance management at International Air Transport, Pages 185-193, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
17 – Conclusion, Pages 195-197, Doug Davies, Liang Wei
Index, Pages 199-206

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