Internet Infrastructure: Networking; Web Services; and Cloud Computing


Download Internet Infrastructure: Networking; Web Services; and Cloud Computing written by Richard Fox, Wei Hao in PDF format. This book is under the category Computers and bearing the isbn/isbn13 number 1138039918/9781138039919. You may reffer the table below for additional details of the book.

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Internet Infrastructure: Networking; Web Services; and Cloud Computing (PDF) provides a comprehensive introduction to networks and the Internet from several perspectives: the underlying media; the hardware; the protocols; the servers; and their uses. The material in the textbook is divided into concept chapters that are followed up with case study chapters that examine how to configure; install; and secure a server that offers the given service discussed.

The ebook covers in detail the Apache web server; Bind DNS name server; and the Squid proxy server. It also provides background on those servers by discussing DHCP; DNS; HTTPS; HTTP; digital certificates and encryption; web caches; and the variety of protocols that support web caching.

Introductory networking content; as well as advanced Internet content; is also included in chapters on networks; TCP/IP; TCP/IP tools; LANs and WANs; cloud computing; and an examination of the Amazon Cloud Service.

Online resources include supplementary content that is available via the textbook’s companion website; as well useful resources for faculty and students alike; including: a complete lab manual; power point notes; for installing; configuring; securing and experimenting with many of the servers discussed in the textbook; power point notes; animation tutorials to illustrate some of the concepts; 2 appendices; and complete input/output listings for the example Amazon cloud operations covered in the ebook.

NOTE: The purchase only includes the PDF eBook of Internet Infrastructure: Networking; Web Services; and Cloud Computing. No access/online codes included.

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Richard Fox, Wei Hao


CRC Press; 1st edition




617 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Content: An Introduction to NetworksNetwork CommunicationTypes of Networks Network ProtocolsEthernetThe Internet: An IntroductionChapter ReviewCase Study: Building Local Area NetworksIntroductionEthernetWLANsSecuring Your LANVPNsChapter ReviewTCP/IPIntroductionApplication LayerTransport LayerInternet LayerLink LayerChapter ReviewCase Study: TCP/IP ToolsPacket Capture ProgramsNetCatLinux/Unix Network ProgramsDNS CommandsBase64 EncodingChapter ReviewDNSDNS InfrastructureDNS ProtocolDNS PerformanceDNS-Based Content Distribution NetworksDNS-Based SPAM PreventionChapter ReviewCase Study: BIND and DHCPBINDDynamic IP AddressingConfiguring DNSSEC for a BIND ServerIntroduction to Web ServersHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)HTTPS and Building Digital CertificatesHTTP/2Content NegotiationServer-Side Includes and ScriptsOther Web Server FeaturesWeb Server ConcernsCase Study: The Apache Web ServerInstalling and Running ApacheBasic Apache ConfigurationModulesAdvanced ConfigurationOther Useful Apache FeaturesRedirection and Rewrite RulesExecuting Server-Side Scripts in ApacheWeb CachingIntroduction to the CacheCache StrategiesCooperative CachingEstablishing a Web ProxyDynamic Proxy Caching TechniquesThe Squid Proxy ServerIntroduction to SquidInstalling and Running SquidBasic Squid ConfigurationThe Squid CachesSquid NeighborsAccess Control in SquidOther Squid FeaturesCloud ComputingWeb System QualitiesMechanisms to Ensure AvailabilityScalabilityCloud ComputingVirtualizationWeb ServicesAmazon Web ServiceAWS InfrastructureUsing AWSCompute Service: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)AWS Network ServiceCloudWatch, Simple Notification Service and Elastic Load BalancerEstablishing ScalabilityPerformanceSecurityPlatform ServicesDeploying and Logging

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