Liver Pathophysiology: Therapies and Antioxidants


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Liver Pathophysiology: Therapies and Antioxidants (PDF) is a complete volume on physiology; morphology; molecular biology; biochemistry; and treatment of liver diseases. It uses an integrated approach towards the role of free radicals in the pathogenesis of hepatic injury; and how their deleterious effects may be abrogated by the use of antioxidants.

Written by the most prominent authors in the field; this ebook will be of use to basic and clinical scientists and clinicians working in the biological sciences; especially those dedicated to the study and treatment of liver pathologies.

  • Explains the beneficial effects of antioxidants on liver diseases.
  • Provides in vivo and in vitro models to study human liver pathology.
  • Presents the most recent advances in hepatology; with a special focus on the role of oxidative stress in liver injury.
  • Contains the most recent and modern treatments of hepatic pathologies; including; but not limited to; stem cells repopulation; gene therapy; and liver transplantation.

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Pablo Muriel


Academic Press; 1st edition




849 pages









Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,Dedication,Hepatic Cirrhosis,List of Contributors,Foreword,AcknowledgmentsEntitled to full textSection I: IntroductionChapter 1 – The Liver: General Aspects and Epidemiology, Pages 3-22, P. Muriel
Chapter 2 – Structure and Ultrastructure of the Normal and Diseased Liver, Pages 23-44, V. Tsutsumi, T. Nakamura, T. Ueno, T. Torimura, J. Aguirre-García
Chapter 3 – Hepatic Apoptosis and Necrosis: Mechanisms and Clinical Relevance, Pages 47-60, F. Xia, L. Zeng, X.R. Yao, B.J. Zhou
Chapter 4 – Autoimmune Hepatitis, Pages 61-85, A.J. Czaja
Chapter 5 – Pathogenesis of Idiosyncratic Drug Induced Liver Injury, Pages 87-100, L. Dara, Z.-X. Liu, N. Kaplowitz
Chapter 6 – Acetaminophen, Pages 101-112, A. Ramachandran, H. Jaeschke
Chapter 7 – Liver Regeneration, Pages 113-123, A. Katoonizadeh
Chapter 8 – Nitric Oxide in Liver Ischemia–Reperfusion Injury, Pages 125-127, P. Fu, W. Li
Chapter 9 – The Immune System and Viral Hepatitis, Pages 129-139, N.A. Fierro, K. Gonzalez-Aldaco, S. Roman, A. Panduro
Chapter 10 – The Pathophysiology of Alcoholic Liver Disease∗, Pages 141-157, S.W. French
Chapter 11 – Cytokines in Steatohepatitis, Pages 159-168, L. Hammerich, F. Tacke
Chapter 12 – Redox Signaling in NASH, Pages 169-180, A. Takaki, D. Uchida, K. Yamamoto
Chapter 13 – Amebic Liver Abscess, Pages 181-186, A. Martínez-Palomo, M. Espinosa-Cantellano, G.R. Tsutsumi, V. Tsutsumi
Chapter 14 – Role of Cytokines and Reactive Oxygen Species in the Amebic Liver Abscess Produced by Entamoeba histolytica, Pages 187-197, J. Pacheco-Yépez, M. Martínez-Castillo, A. Cruz-Baquero, J. Serrano-Luna, M. Shibayama
Chapter 15 – Epigenetics in Liver Disease: Involvement of Oxidative Stress, Pages 199-211, J. Mann
Chapter 16 – Role of Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Hepatic Fibrosis, Pages 213-224, T.T. Thuy le, T.T.V. Thuy, H. Hai, N. Kawada
Chapter 17 – Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Chronic Cholestasis, Pages 225-237, I. Grattagliano, P.J. Oliveira, L. Vergani, P. Portincasa
Chapter 18 – Cholestasis, Contraceptives, and Free Radicals, Pages 239-258, E. Fernández-Martínez
Chapter 19 – Is Human Cirrhosis a Reversible Disease?, Pages 259-265, D. Kershenobich, D.G. Gutiérrez-Reyes
Chapter 20 – Obesity and Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Pages 267-277, W. Xu, J. Yu
Chapter 21 – Oxidative Stress as a Mechanism for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Pages 279-287, M. Tarocchi, A. Galli
Chapter 22 – Nuclear Factor-Kappa B Actions During the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Pages 289-293, S. Maeda, W. Shibata
Chapter 23 – The Role of Senescence in Hepatic Diseases, Pages 295-308, R. Pacheco-Rivera, J. Arellanes-Robledo, M.C. García de León, M. Shibayama, J. Serrano-Luna
Chapter 24 – Exercise, Liver Steatosis, and Free Radicals, Pages 309-322, I.O. Gonçalves, M.J. Martins, J. Beleza, A. Ascensão, J. Magalhães
Chapter 25 – The Metabolic Syndrome, Oxidative Stress, and the Liver, Pages 323-329, P. Almeda-Valdés, N.E. Aguilar-Olivos, M. Uribe, N. Méndez-Sánchez
Chapter 26 – Liver Diseases in the Elderly, Pages 331-339, K. Tajiri, Y. Shimizu
Chapter 27 – Cytokines in Hepatic Injury, Pages 341-354, H. Fukui
Chapter 28 – Nrf2: A Key Regulator of Redox Signaling in Liver Diseases, Pages 355-374, K.M. Kim, S.H. Ki
Chapter 29 – Redox Regulation by HGF/c-Met in Liver Disease, Pages 375-387, L.E. Gómez-Quiroz, M.C. Gutiérrez-Ruiz, J.U. Marquardt, V.M. Factor, S.S. Thorgeirsson
Chapter 30 – Hepatic Metabolism in Liver Health and Disease, Pages 391-400, X. Liu, H. Wang, X. Liang, M.S. Roberts
Chapter 31 – Cytochrome P450 and Oxidative Stress in the Liver, Pages 401-419, A.I. Cederbaum
Chapter 32 – Drug Hepatic Clearance in Spinal Cord Injury, Pages 421-424, P. García-López, L. Cruz-Antonio, G. Guízar-Sahagún, G. Castañeda-Hernández
Chapter 33 – Complications of Cirrhosis: Introduction, Pages 427-433, P. Muriel, E. Fernández-Martínez, S. Montes
Chapter 34 – Portal Hypertension—Molecular Mechanisms, Pages 435-449, J.D. Vorobioff, R.J. Groszmann
Chapter 35 – Gastroesophageal Varices, Pages 451-473, M. Fernandez, J.G. Abraldes
Chapter 36 – Ascites, Pages 475-484, G. Garcia-Tsao
Chapter 37 – Reactive Nitrogen and Oxygen Species in Hepatic Encephalopathy, Pages 485-500, S. Rivera-Mancía, L.A. Tristán-López, S. Montes
Chapter 38 – Hepatorenal Syndrome, Pages 501-510, I. Graupera, E. Solà, P. Ginès
Chapter 39 – Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Portopulmonary Hypertension, Pages 511-526, S. Raevens, I. Colle
Chapter 40 – Experimental Models of Liver Damage Mediated by Oxidative Stress, Pages 529-546, P. Muriel, E. Ramos-Tovar, G. Montes-Páez, L.D. Buendía-Montaño
Chapter 41 – Monitoring of Liver Fibrogenesis and Biochemical Diagnosis of Fibrosis, Pages 547-561, O.A. Gressner, A.M. Gressner
Chapter 42 – In Vitro Models of HCC, Pages 563-579, J. Arellanes-Robledo, C. Hernández, J. Camacho, J.I. Pérez-Carreón
Chapter 43 – The Liver, Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidants, Pages 583-604, S. Casas-Grajales, P. Muriel
Chapter 44 – Herbal Drugs on the Liver, Pages 605-620, C. Girish, S.C. Pradhan
Chapter 45 – Silymarin for Liver Disease, Pages 621-631, L. Abenavoli, N. Milic
Chapter 46 – Naringenin and the Liver, Pages 633-651, E. Hernández-Aquino, P. Muriel
Chapter 47 – Antioxidant, Antiinflammatory, and Antifibrotic Properties of Quercetin in the Liver, Pages 653-674, L.F. Vázquez-Flores, S. Casas-Grajales, E. Hernández-Aquino, E.E. Vargas-Pozada, P. Muriel
Chapter 48 – Coffee and the Liver, Pages 675-685, J. Arauz, E. Ramos-Tovar, P. Muriel
Chapter 49 – Hepatoprotective Properties of Curcumin, Pages 687-704, K. Reyes-Gordillo, R. Shah, M.R. Lakshman, R.E. Flores-Beltrán, P. Muriel
Chapter 50 – Retinoids in Liver Function, Pages 705-713, G. Shiota
Chapter 51 – Stevia as a Putative Hepatoprotector, Pages 715-727, E. Ramos-Tovar, P. Muriel
Chapter 52 – Are N-Acetylcysteine and Resveratrol Effective Treatments for Liver Disease?, Pages 729-742, E. Chávez, M. Galicia-Moreno, P. Muriel
Chapter 53 – Does Nutrition Matter in Liver Disease?, Pages 743-759, E. Ramos-Tovar, P. Muriel
Chapter 54 – One-Carbon Metabolism in Liver Health and Disease, Pages 761-765, J.M. Mato, M.L. Martínez-Chantar, M. Noureddin, S.C. Lu
Chapter 55 – Ursodeoxycholic Acid for the Treatment of Liver Diseases, Pages 767-779, J.-Y. Wang, S.-D. Wu
Chapter 56 – Current Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C, Pages 781-789, P. Ferenci
Chapter 57 – An Adenosine Derivative Compound as a Hepatoprotective Agent, Pages 791-798, V. Chagoya de Sánchez, M. del Pilar Cabrales-Romero, G. Velasco-Loyden
Chapter 58 – Nitric Oxide and the Liver, Pages 799-816, P.A. Loughran, L. Xu, T.R. Billiar
Chapter 59 – Repopulation of Cirrhotic Liver by Hepatic Stem/Progenitor Cells: A Promising Strategy Alternative to Liver Transplantation, Pages 817-836, A.A. Khan, S.K. Vishwakarma, A. Bardia, M.A. Habeeb, M. Dhayal
Chapter 60 – Gene Therapy for Liver Disease, Pages 837-851, R.N. Aravalli
Chapter 61 – Role of Oxidative Stress in Liver Transplantation, Pages 853-868, A. Casillas-Ramírez, M.B. Jiménez-Castro, A.Y. Rocha-Sánchez, H.Y. Martínez-Padrón, J. Gracia-Sancho, C. Peralta
Index, Pages 869-881

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