Suppose and Tell: The Semantics and Heuristics of Conditionals


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What does ‘if’ imply?

It is one of essentially the most repeatedly used phrases within the English language; in itself a logo of the importance of conditional considering to human cognitive life. We ask conditional questions; make conditional statements; and concern conditional orders. We have to assume and discuss in the intervening time for a lot of functions; from every day resolution-making to mathematical proof. Still; the that means of conditionals has been mentioned for a number of years.

Suppose and Tell (PDF) brings collectively concepts from linguistics; philosophy; and psychology to current a debatable new strategy to understanding conditionals. It maintains that in utilizing ‘if’ we depend on psychological heuristics; strategies that are frugal and quick and largely; however not at all times; dependable. Thus; philosophers and linguists have been led off observe in theorizing about conditionals by trusting defective information produced by such strategies and rapidly rejecting easy theories on the bottom of merely obvious counterexamples. This ebook exhibits how one such easy principle of conditionals can outline the information; and attracts wider ideas for the character of that means and its non-transparency to native audio system; ambiguity in thought and language; and the need for semantics to take care of the unpredictable heuristics underlying our judgments.

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Timothy Williamson


OUP Oxford




286 pages








9780198860662/ 9780192604774

Table of contents

Table of contents :
Part I. If
1. The Value of Conditionals
2. The Suppositional Rule
3. Consequences of the Suppositional Rule
4. Heuristics within Heuristics
5. Conditional Testimony
6. The Role of Conditional Propositions
7. More Challenges
8. Interactions between Plain Conditionals and Quantifiers
Part II. Would If
9. Conditionals and Abduction
10. The Interaction of ‘If ’ and ‘Would’: Semantics and Logic
11. The Interaction of ‘If ’ and ‘Would’: Heuristics
12. Is ‘Would If ’ Hyperintensional?
13. More on the Interaction of ‘Would’ with Context
14. Thought Experiments and ‘Would’
15. Worlds and Meaning
16. Conclusion: Semantics, Heuristics, Pragmatics

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