Unifying Causality and Psychology: Being; Brain; and Behavior


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This magistral treatise approaches the integration of psychology through the study of the multiple causes of normal and dysfunctional behavior. Causality is the focal point reviewed across disciplines. Using diverse models; the ebook Unifying Causality and Psychology: Being; Brain; and Behavior (PDF) approaches unifying psychology as an ongoing project that integrates experience; genetics; development; change mechanisms; evolution; brain; and so on. The ebook includes in its integration-free will; epitomized as freedom in being. It pinpoints the role of the self in causality and the freedom we have in determining our own behavior. The ebook deals with disturbed behavior; as well; and tackles the DSM-5 approach to mental disorder and the etiology of psychopathology. Young examines all these topics with a critical eye; and gives many innovative ideas and models that will stimulate thinking on the topic of psychology and causality for decades to come. It is truly very integrative and original.

Among the topics covered:



    • Models and systems of causality of behavior.


    • Nature and nurture: evolution and complexities.


    • Free will in psychotherapy: helping people believe.


    • A Neo-Piagetian/Neo-Eriksonian 25-step (sub)stage model.


    • Causality in psychological injury and law: basics and critics.


    • Early adversity; fetal programming; and getting under the skin.



Unifying Causality and Psychology appeals to the disciplines of psychiatry; psychology; philosophy; neuroscience; epidemiology; genetics; law; the social sciences and humanistic fields; in general; and other mental health fields. Its level of writing makes it appropriate for graduate courses; as well as researchers and practitioners.

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Gerald Young






950 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter….Pages i-xxxv
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Brief Book Description and Book Assumptions….Pages 3-21
Overview of Book Parts and Chapter by Chapter Overview….Pages 23-44
Introducing Causality in Psychology….Pages 45-70
Causality in Philosophy; Philosophy in Psychology….Pages 71-91
Models and Systems of Causality of Behavior….Pages 93-119
Statistical Concepts and Networks in Causality….Pages 121-147
Front Matter….Pages 149-149
Brain: The Neuronal Network Revolution….Pages 151-175
Lateralization and Specialization of the Brain….Pages 177-200
The Genetics Revolution….Pages 201-225
Gene × Environment Interaction: The Environmental Revolution….Pages 227-253
Genes and Environments: The Person Revolution….Pages 255-274
Nature and Nurture: Evolution and Complexities….Pages 275-302
Front Matter….Pages 303-303
Differential Susceptibility: Orchids, Dandelions, and the Flowering of Developmental Psychology….Pages 305-330
Early Adversity, Fetal Programming, and Getting Under the Skin….Pages 331-354
Connecting the Social Dots….Pages 355-386
Causal Learning: Understanding the World….Pages 387-415
Developing the Mind, Minding Development….Pages 417-449
Free Will in Behavior: Believing Makes It So….Pages 451-475
An Integrated Model of “Free Will” and New Free Will Questionnaires….Pages 477-510
Front Matter….Pages 511-511
Free Will in Psychotherapy: Helping People Believe….Pages 513-534
Front Matter….Pages 511-511
PTSD: Traumatic Causation….Pages 535-564
DSM-5: Basics and Critics….Pages 565-590
The DSM-5 and the RDoC: Grand Designs and Grander Problems….Pages 591-610
The Disordered DSM-5 Disorders….Pages 611-628
DSM-5: Recommendations….Pages 629-650
Front Matter….Pages 651-651
Causality in Psychological Injury and Law: Basics and Critics….Pages 653-672
Causality in Psychological Injury and Law: Models….Pages 673-697
Stimulus–Organism–Response Model: SORing to New Heights….Pages 699-717
Networked Causal Terms….Pages 719-742
Change Mechanisms….Pages 743-765
Front Matter….Pages 767-767
A Neo-Piagetian/Neo-Eriksonian 25-Step (Sub)Stage Model….Pages 769-784
Further Expansions of the Present Stage Models….Pages 785-805
Generic Change Model….Pages 807-831
Revising Maslow….Pages 833-855
Staging Revolutions and Paradigms….Pages 857-869
New Directions in Psychological Causality….Pages 871-888
Epilogue….Pages 889-929
Back Matter….Pages 931-950

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