Practical Business Statistics (7th Edition)


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Siegel’s Practical Business Statistics 7th Edition; (PDF) provides a conceptual; realistic; and matter-of-fact approach to managerial statistics that carefully maintains; but does not overemphasize mathematical correctness. The ebook provides deep understanding of how to learn from data and how to deal with uncertainty while promoting the use of practical computer applications. This valuable; accessible approach teaches present and future managers how to use and understand statistics without an overdose of technical detail; enabling them to better understand the concepts at hand and to interpret results.

The textbook uses excellent examples with real world data relating to business sector functional areas such as accounting; finance; and marketing. Written in an engaging style; this timely revision is class-tested and designed to help business students gain a solid understanding of fundamental statistical principles without bogging them down with excess mathematical details.

  • Provides users with a realistic; conceptual; and matter-of-fact approach to managerial statistics
  • Features updated graphics and examples (200+ figures) to illustrate important applied uses and current business trends
  • Includes robust ancillary instructional materials such as an lecture slides; instructor’s manual; and data files to save you time when preparing for class (not available in this purchase)
  • Offers an accessible approach to teach present and future managers how to use and understand statistics without an overdose of technical detail; enabling them to better understand concepts and to interpret results.

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Andrew Siegel


Academic Press; 7th edition




608 pages









Table of contents

Front Matter,Copyright,Dedication,Preface,About the AuthorEntitled to full textPart I: Introduction and Descriptive StatisticsIntroduction, Page 1
Chapter 1 – Introduction: Defining the Role of Statistics in Business, Pages 3-17
Chapter 2 – Data Structures: Classifying the Various Types of Data Sets, Pages 19-40
Chapter 3 – Histograms: Looking at the Distribution of Data, Pages 41-70
Chapter 4 – Landmark Summaries: Interpreting Typical Values and Percentiles, Pages 71-99
Chapter 5 – Variability: Dealing with Diversity, Pages 101-128
Introduction, Page 129
Chapter 6 – Probability: Understanding Random Situations, Pages 131-161
Chapter 7 – Random Variables: Working with Uncertain Numbers, Pages 163-191
Introduction, Page 193
Chapter 8 – Random Sampling: Planning Ahead for Data Gathering, Pages 195-224
Chapter 9 – Confidence Intervals: Admitting That Estimates Are Not Exact, Pages 225-253
Chapter 10 – Hypothesis Testing: Deciding Between Reality and Coincidence, Pages 255-295
Introduction, Page 297
Chapter 11 – Correlation and Regression: Measuring and Predicting Relationships, Pages 299-354
Chapter 12 – Multiple Regression: Predicting One Variable From Several Others, Pages 355-418
Chapter 13 – Report Writing: Communicating the Results of a Multiple Regression, Pages 419-430
Chapter 14 – Time Series: Understanding Changes Over Time, Pages 431-466
Introduction, Page 467
Chapter 15 – ANOVA: Testing for Differences Among Many Samples and Much More, Pages 469-492
Chapter 16 – Nonparametrics: Testing with Ordinal Data or Nonnormal Distributions, Pages 493-508
Chapter 17 – Chi-Squared Analysis: Testing for Patterns in Qualitative Data, Pages 509-524
Chapter 18 – Quality Control: Recognizing and Managing Variation, Pages 525-545
Appendix A – Employee Database, Page 547
Appendix B – Donations Database, Pages 549-552
Appendix C – Self-Test: Solutions to Selected Problems and Database Exercises, Pages 553-565
Appendix D – Statistical Tables, Pages 567-600
Glossary, Pages 601-608
Index, Pages 609-622

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