Progress in Materials Science and Engineering (Innovation and Discovery in Russian Science and Engineering)


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This ebook; Progress in Materials Science and Engineering (PDF) presents recent advances made in materials science and engineering within Russian academia; particularly groups working in the Ural Federal University District. Topics explored in this volume include structure formation analysis of complicated alloys; non-ferrous metals metallurgy; composite composed materials science; and high-pressure treatment of metals and alloys. The finding discussed in this volume is too critical to multiple industries including manufacturing; oil and gas; coatings; structural materials; and metal fabrication.


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Carlos Brebbia, Jerome J. Connor






221 pages









Table of contents

Table of contents :
Front Matter ….Pages i-ix
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
Kinetic Parameters and Activation Energy of Pearlitic and Bainitic Transformations Calculated by Analyzing the TTT Diagrams of Undercooled Austenite (M. Gervasyev, D. Novgorodov, K. Romanova)….Pages 3-10
Alloying Addition Effect on the Structure and Behavior of a Cu-Ni-Zn Three-Component System Alloy Under Lost-Wax Casting (I. A. Gruzdeva, S. S. Gerasimov)….Pages 11-17
Structural Changes in Austenitic-Ferritic Steel 03Kh14N10K5M2Yu2T During Heating and Cooling (L. Mal’tseva, A. Levina, T. Mal’tseva, V. Sharapova)….Pages 19-25
Correlation of Instrumented Charpy Load-Displacement Curves with Crack Growth in API 5L Grade X80 Pipeline Steels (V. Khotinov, V. Farber, A. Morozova)….Pages 27-31
Damping Behavior of Aluminum Replicated Foam (W. Riehemann, A. Finkelstein, U. Arlic, D. Husnullin)….Pages 33-40
Front Matter ….Pages 41-41
Recovery of Lead and Zinc from Fine Dust of the Copper Smelting Industry Using a Chelating Agent (S. Mamyachenkov, O. Anisimova, E. Kolmachikhina)….Pages 43-49
High-Pressure Leaching Arsenic Containing Polymetallic Copper Mattes (K. A. Karimov, S. S. Naboychenko, V. I. Neustroev, V. A. Menshchikov)….Pages 51-57
Investigation of TSL Furnace Hydrodynamics Using Cold Modeling Method (B. V. Kolmachikhin, V. A. Menshchikov, V. P. Zhukov, N. G. Ageev)….Pages 59-64
Physical Simulation of Melt Lancing in a TROF Converter (V. A. Menshchikov, B. V. Kolmachikhin, N. G. Ageev)….Pages 65-71
Thermodynamic Features Research of Polymetallic Sulfide Raw Material Leaching (D. Rogozhnikov, S. Mamyachenkov, O. Anisimova)….Pages 73-79
Investigation of Lignosulfonate Adsorption on Zinc Materials in Acidic Media (E. Kolmachikhina, S. Naboychenko)….Pages 81-88
Complex Processing of Refractory Pyrite Copper, Copper-Zinc and Polymetallic Ores on the Basis of Flotation and Combined Technologies (V. Bocharov, V. Ignatkina, A. Kayumov, M. Viduetsky, V. Maltsev)….Pages 89-96
Front Matter ….Pages 97-97
Impact of Waterproofing Permeable Capillary Mixtures on Cement Stone (F. Kapustin, E. Pomazkin, A. Spiridonova, V. Oleinik)….Pages 99-106
Composite Cement with a Polymer Addition (E. Gerasimova)….Pages 107-115
The Manufacture of Concretes Based on Unburnt Ash Gravel (F. Kapustin, I. Fomina, V. Oleinik)….Pages 117-122
Physical–Chemical Bases of a Glass Batch Preparation Technique (V. Deryabin, O. Paramonova, E. Farafontova)….Pages 123-130
Influence of Ion-Electron Interaction at the Metal-Oxide Melt Boundary on the Protective Properties of Enamel Coatings (O. Lazutkina, E. Farafontova, I. Voroshilova)….Pages 131-138
Study of Enamel Slip Particles Interaction Using Model Systems (V. Deryabin, I. Tochilova)….Pages 139-147
Peculiarities of Formation of Phase Structure and the Hydraulic Activity of High-Calcium Fly Ash (I. Domanskaya, V. Oleinik)….Pages 149-154
Front Matter ….Pages 155-155
Modernisation of the Method of Rolling of Hot-Rolled Tubes (A. Bogatov, D. Pavlov, E. Pavlova)….Pages 157-162
New Engineering Solutions in the Production of Laminated Composite Pipes for the Oil Industry (N. A. Bogatov, A. Bogatov, D. R. Salikhyanov)….Pages 163-169
Precision of the Tubes Produced by Drawing and Cold Rolling (G. Orlov)….Pages 171-177
Features of Multihole Stamping of Platinum Glass Melting Apparatus Elements (Yu. Loginov, A. Fomin)….Pages 179-185
Research on Metal Forming in the Pipe Ends Upsetting Process (M. Erpalov, A. Bogatov)….Pages 187-193
The Study of Residual Stresses and Surface Hardening in Tubes After Finishing Processes (M. Rozenbaum, An. Serebryakov, I. Bazhukov, G. Shimov)….Pages 195-203
Back Matter ….Pages 205-212

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